Hold onto your hats my Canadian friends, L.L.Bean is coming to Canada!

Actually, they're kind of already here. You may have noticed the last time you checked out their website that it moved you over to the newly launched llbean.ca. All products are in Canadian prices and upon checkout all duties will be included. Easy peasy shopping. As a Canadian, there is nothing worse than making a purchase only to get hit with a surprise duty charge. Not anymore!

Y'all know I have long been a fan of L.L.Bean. I grew up in the country north of Toronto. You either loved the outdoors, or you learned to love them. Long before the internet you had to entertain yourself. My friends and I always found a hill, pond or empty area to build snow forts and spent every minute we could outside playing. To do that, you needed to have the best quality gear. L.L.Bean has been known as the go-to retailer for the outdoors for over 100 years. There are very few Canadians that don't already know and wear L.L.Bean! It only makes sense that they are headed north of the border.

And in 2019, they will be opening their very first Canadian store in the Toronto area! They are partnering with a well known company that has brought other international retailers to Canada (Ben Sherman and Lilly Pulitzer). I don't have any specifics for you on where exactly they will be located, my guess is the details are still being worked out, but you better believe I will be letting you know the second I do!

I was in Michigan with Ivy, our Bernese Mountain Dog puppy, a few weeks ago and we took her on a shopping spree at the L.L.Bean store in Clinton Twp. We bought her two fleece sweaters, one in grey and one in a buffalo plaid to keep her warm throughout this winter. Yes, she's a Bernese and is made for cold, snowy conditions, but she's still a puppy and I don't think her full warm coat has come in yet. Plus, she's my girl and loves dressing up! I'm sure once she is full grown (we are guessing 120-150 pounds) she won't want or need the sweaters and jackets so I'm getting all my fun in now.

So, back to Canadian shopping on llbean.ca. I've got a few things to recommend to help you through this wintery weather, and if you shop today through Tuesday November 27th you can save 20% with code "Thanks20"


I can't write a post about L.L.Bean without starting with the famous, Bean Boots. They're the first thing that everyone thinks of when you mention Bean. Last year I wrote a guide to buying Bean Boots that is still one of my most viewed pages. I still recommend the unlined boots, along with a pack of the camp socks so you can wear them in all four seasons, like I do. If you're looking for more of a warm winter boot, I recommend the flannel lined or shearling lined to ensure total warmth and comfort when the temperatures drop. 

The L.L.Bean Sweater Fleece Pullover is the warmest sweater I own. Seriously. I only wear it if it's really cold out or if I turn the temperature down in my house. I once walked out of the house during a blizzard wearing only this sweater! If you find yourself constantly complaining about being cold, you need this one. 

I have to recommend this Norwegian Bird's Eye Sweater, I mean I am wearing it in the above photo! The one I have is actually my husband AMH's. It's vintage from the 1980's and we found it antiquing this past summer. His is an extra large and when I wear it, I am swimming in it. I read a few reviews and it looks like this sweater is on the roomy side. I'm thinking of ordering it for myself and while I would have thought to order a size up, as I want it for layering, I think I would stick with my actual size and go from there. 

Here's a quick and easy way to add some holiday cheer to your front door! The waterhog mats are as good as everyone says they are, and this one with the pick up and Christmas tree in the back, is just the cutest. I bought a large blue one for my front door this year and I just don't know how I survived all those years with kids and dogs without it. 

Ah, the classic boat and tote. I started my collection with a nice large red on with a simple "H" monogram. Then I added a leather handled green one, a medium blue one with long handles and then an extra large black one with "70 Montego" my husband's vintage car (it was a surprise Father's Day gift from the boys and I). You might ask what a gal needs with four different tote bags. I use them for anything and everything! 

Need to cart something somewhere? Carry a puppy? Pack an overnight bag for road trip? Stack Christmas gifts for that all important Instagram photo? And there is always the fact that every store is doing away with plastic bags and I don't know about you but I refuse to pay for crappy plastic bags that I don't use anyway. So, I get a lot of use out of my totes. 

The oldest one, my large red one, was looking a little dirty. I know that the website says to only spot clean, but I put mine in the wash on delicate cycle and hung it to dry. It came out very clean, it had many black marks and dirt stains. The only downside is I left it in the washer too long and it got a crease in it and it dried that way. I tried ironing it out but no luck. Oh well, I rather have a clean tote. I can put up with a crease in the fabric. 

dog sweater

I'll finish where I started, with little dog sweaters! The L.L.Bean store in Michigan is dog friendly and Ivy wasn't the only one shopping! She however was the only one that was actually interested in trying on the dog sweaters! We bought her the Buffalo plaid and the grey one to match my sweater. Ivy and I are just loving mommy and me dressing! 

And for those that just can't wait for that in-person shopping experience, a few items are already for sale in Canadian stores at Hudson's Bay, SportChek, Mountain Equipment Co-op and Sporting Life.