My Eyelash Journey

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Back in September I hung up my contacts and ordered some new glasses. While the glasses are great I did notice one thing.

It seemed like my eyelashes disappeared when I would wear my glasses. More like they just were no longer long enough to be seen through the lenses. I tried a new mascara in the hopes that would help. While it did give my lashes some definition, I was left with flaking and raccoon eyes the next day (the brand was YSL and I don't recommend it) I went back to my beloved Dior mascara (which I highly recommend) but still I longed to have lashes that could be seen without having to wear eye make up. 

I have hooded eyelids and I'm finding that the older I get, the more pronounced it is. Just another part of aging (This article tells you what eye shape you have). And to top it all off, my eyelashes are actually very light. A total shock considering how dark my hair is. Years ago I would get my eyelashes tinted black and always loved the result. I found a small business spa who offered eyelash tints as well as perm or curl. I was intrigued. I quickly made an appointment for that week and had them done. Here's some before and afters for you



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AFTER (with glasses)

*NOTE - For all the photos I am including in this post, none of them have been edited or retouched in anyway.

Not a super dramatic change but enough for me to be happy. My lashes were darker, more uplifted and most importantly, noticeable. I paid $100 and the treatment was about an hour. I was told not to wear any eye makeup or to wash my lashes for 24 hours. I bought some facial cleansing wipes, the kind you don't need to rinse off, on my way home. 

I had the tint and perm done on October 10th and was told I should get two months out of them, depending on my lash growth. One month later, it looked like I hadn't had any treatment at all. Quite disappointing. 

By now my want of perfect eyelashes had been kicked into full gear. I noticed EVERYONE'S eyelashes. Everytime I ran into someone with great lashes I inquired and I got the same answer every time. Eyelash extensions. I was still not sure that eyelash extensions were for me. Whenever I thought of eyelash extensions I had images of Kardashian's and spider like lashes in my head (no hate on the Kardashian's, I love them!) I just didn't think the look was right for me. But...I kept seeing them on other women and they looked so lovely. 

Finally, I gave in. I searched Instagram for an eyelash extension technician or shop and found one, Bardot Lash House. And wouldn't you know it, they were running a special promotion for the month of November for $100 for your first set. I called and made an appointment. 

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Friday night I stopped by their shop on Belmont Street in Kitchener (for those not in the KW area, this is a lovely shopping/food district that you need to check out next time you're here) and met with my technician. She was warm, friendly and quite chatty which is exactly what you want during this procedure. 

You lay down on a spa table and have your bottom eyelashes taped down. After you close your eyes your technician starts to apply a single eyelash extension to your own lashes with some glue. This takes a while, which is why you really want a technician you can chat with. The full procedure took a little over an hour and it is completely painless. The technician will have you sit for a few minutes to make sure the glue is dry and then she separates your eyelids, just in case any glue has slid down. This only happened for one of my eyes and it was just in the outer corner. A slight tug and it was all good. 

And good it was. The transformation was really dramatic! I opted for the lowest eyelash option, called The Loren. It's a natural soft set with 40-60 lashes per eye. 

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BEFORE (with glasses)

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eyelash extensions

AFTER (with glasses)

What a difference! I was instructed to not get my lashes wet for 24 hours to help the glue fully set. I used my face wipes from before to wash my face in the morning and the evening and instead of washing my hair the next day, I used my trusty dry shampoo. I was also instructed that rubbing my eyes was a thing of the past (I rub my eyes a lot!) In the last few days that has been an adjustment. That being said I have stopped wearing mascara and my contacts, the things that caused me to rub my eyes in the first place! I will still wear contacts when I'm going out somewhere but I find that with the dry air in the winter I prefer to stick with my glasses.

Since your natural lashes grow and fall out, they recommend a fill every 2-3 weeks. I have already booked my next two appointments, the first in three weeks and the final in two weeks as I'll be away for the holidays. After that, we shall see. I was mostly looking for something special for the holidays so these appointments will take me right through to January.

Looking at my before and afters it's just so dramatic and I think that it makes me look less tired, more alert and more feminine. I may just keep these lashes going for a while!

It's been a few days and everything is going well. My technician gave me a little spooly, a mascara wand, and I brush the lashes once a day. She also showed me how I can carefully use the spooly to scratch my eyelid, should I need to. I've had only one eyelash fall out, that I noticed, and my lashes look great! I'm glad I went with the lower priced option because it seems the most natural.

My goal here wasn't to look like a glamazon. I was just hoping to enhance what I already have. I think that should be to goal with any makeup or treatment, not to change you but rather to enhance the natural beauty.

Have you had eyelash extensions before? Currently have them? Tell me your story in the comments below!

Have you thought about getting extensions before and stopped for some reason? If you have any questions, leave them in the comments below and I'll try my best to answer!

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