The Trip I Didn't Know I Needed

plaid shirt

Let me walk you through the trip to Indiana I didn't know I needed.

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First I will share the details about my outfit because, well, that's what I do! 

Scotch Plaid Shirt in Royal Stewart (c/o) | Leggings | Sherpa Vest 
Shoes, random Winners find | Purse | Watch 

While the sun was shining and there was a bright blue sky (perfect for taking photos) the air was cool and the wind was biting. I stepped out of my hotel early in the morning and quickly realized this outfit was not going to be enough for the damp and cold morning. Luckily it warmed up later in the day for my walking tour of Greensburg, Indiana and it worked out perfectly!

In the fall I live in vests for as long as I possibly can. I just really like the freedom to be able to move my arms, especially for driving and double especially now that I have a puppy who likes to play and be carried around (even though she's 47 pounds!) I bought this sherpa vest two years ago and have worn it throughout the year. In fact, I never even put this one away in storage! It was a cheap buy, maybe $25 and while I would love to upgrade to one of the Patagonia ones (because I know it will last forever), this one still looks brand new even after two years of constant use. So the upgrade will have to wait until this one is at the end of its life.


This is how I take my photos when I am all alone. Last Boxing Day I bought this tripod and an automatic shutter. Whenever I take my own photos that shutter button is in my hand which is why I usually have my hand in my pocket! After shooting a few photos I went back into my hotel for hot coffee and breakfast (complimentary at the Hampton Inn & Suites Greensburg). It was a half working, half pleasure trip so I spent the morning in the hotel working and then the afternoon touring the town. 

You might have wondered why I bolded the word walk or walking above. You're about to find out.

Through a series of odd events and circumstances I ended up staying on the border or entrance to Greensburg, Indiana, a small town an hour outside of Indianapolis, which is where I was supposed to stay. I was there for the work week and through some even odder events, which are frankly too boring to even retype, I was without a vehicle for two days. The days I had planned on doing most of my site seeing. So...that meant I walked everywhere. 

Now that might not be a big deal to many but as someone who spends more time that I care to admit in front of a computer and struggles to even get 5000 steps in a day, this was going to be an adjustment. On my two afternoons touring Greensburg (I worked in the early mornings and late evening) I managed to get in 40,000 steps. That's 30 kms or 18 miles. In just two afternoons! Let me show you around the town a little (spoiler, it's beautiful!) and I'll let you know why this was exactly the trip I needed, without knowing I needed it. 

Greensburg Indiana

The hotel was on the outskirts of town so there was a good amount of walking on an almost empty road and crossing a highway (yikes!) until I got to town. Actually, the road lead me right into the Historic District of Greensburg and I was rewarded with some of the most gorgeous homes. This was my favourite, I love a good centre hall plan home, and the house had a separate four car garage! That would be so perfect for my family since we seem to accumulate cars.

Greensburg Indiana

The town's library is set back from the main street of town and is more in the residential area. They were closed when I happened to walk by but I did peek in the window and what I saw was lovely. I have long been a big fan of libraries and I try to visit them in every place I visit, and to support them by either purchasing something or leaving a donation. I do this because when I was a young girl growing up in a very small town, long before the internet was a thing, the library was my gateway into the big wide world. 

Greensburg Indiana

The downtown is set up like a big square with the court house being the center of attention. Looking towards this area we can see a large multi floor antiques shop, restaurants and the parking area for the downtown core. I've always loved slanted or angled parking on city streets and I'm happy to see this area hasn't removed them (like so many others have). The town actually reminded me a lot of the fictional town of Hawkins, Indiana in the Netflix series (that I am more than a little obsessed with) Stranger Things.  

Greensburg Indiana

Greensburg Indiana

The town's claim to fame is the Decatur County Courthouse which has a tree that grows from the top of the Courthouse Tower, giving Greensburg its nickname, "Tree City". There have been one or more trees growing continually since the first tree was noticed in the early 1870s.

Greensburg Indiana

I had read about it before my visit and wasn't really sure what to expect. It's actually pretty cool! This large tree has busted out of the roof of the clock tower and stands watch over the town square. 

Greensburg Indiana

I couldn't visit this small town without getting a little local shopping in! The Magnolia Mercantile shop was filled with treasures, and great prices! I would have loved to bring home some larger ticket pieces but I only had so much room in my suitcase. I did end up leaving with a pumpkin shaped pie plate with cover and a red handled rolling pin which has kicked off my love affair with old, used rolling pins! I feel another collection coming on.  

Greensburg Indiana

I stopped at Storie's Restaurant for a late lunch. It was one of those old school diner type restaurants from the 50's or 60's and hasn't been updated since then. It's fantastic! The town's people must love it too because it was packed and the interior seating is rather large. 

Greensburg Indiana

After a nice lunch it was time to head back to my hotel room. Along the way I spotted a few more homes I thought I would share. The houses were all decorated for Thanksgiving which made them all the more lovely to look at. 

Greensburg Indiana

This is actually the Greensburg Historical Society. They were closed during my visit. 

Greensburg Indiana

Greensburg Indiana

A beautiful church all ready for Christmas! I know how they feel, I am so ready to deck the halls!

Greensburg Indiana

My last stop before I crossed the highway to my hotel was the Harvest Market. I thought I would grab some munchies for the room and secretly I hoped that the interior matched the exterior. You see, I have this thing for old fashioned grocery stores, specifically ones that look very 80's. 

Greensburg Indiana

I was not disappointed! There were stands of Kool-Aid and cereal (to me that just screams the 80s!) and the check out looks just like it did when I was a kid. This all started two summers ago when I was visiting a very small town and the grocery store there hadn't been updated since the late 70's. I loved the browns and oranges and the bubbly fonts. I just think they're a lot of fun and only wish that places would stop feeling the need to upgrade and improve. A little nostalgia never hurt anybody. 


Back to my hotel room with 50% off Halloween sweets to watch Stranger Things since it was November 6th and Netflix recently declared that Stranger Things day! It's the date the show started back in 1983. I ended up watching the whole first season from my hotel room in Indiana and I swear, it feels like the show really could have been filmed there (it's actually filmed in Georgia). 

Alright, so why was this the trip that I didn't know I needed. Let me paint you a picture that I know you can relate to. I work non-stop, I clean the house, cook the food, do the laundry, take care of the children and dogs, and that doesn't even begin to cover all the work I do in a day/week/month. This year has been especially hard. We've lost two of our beloved dogs, we took a few trips that really didn't end up being the great or relaxing trips we were hoping for and frankly, it's just been a busy and stressful year. Everyone at work is saying it. All my friends are saying it. I don't know what it has been about 2018, but I am going to be so happy to say goodbye to this year. 

Being that I am Canadian and the American phone package that I have is so low that you can barely check an email on it, I do my best to stay off my cell phone when I am visiting the States. So I'm a big ball of stress, with no phone to sit and mindlessly scroll through, I forgot my earbuds for said phone, and I had no car and had to walk to every site and every meal for two full days. 

And I had the greatest time! I don't know if it was in the first mile or the 10th but at some point, I finally started to relax. And for me, that means quieting the million thoughts that run through my head at any given time. I walked in total silence, burned off a lot of energy (I always say I have nothing but nervous energy running through me) and I saw the world around me. No phone as a buffer. I talked to locals (and can I just say that people from Indiana are incredibly friendly and kind. Like they really don't get enough credit for just how caring they are) I got to know people and I just all around had a quiet and peaceful trip. 

Could I have achieved this enlightened state at home? Probably not. There's always another load of laundry staring at me in my face. Could I have found this same inner peace if I had been in another city/vacation destination? Maybe. I find that when I go on vacation I try to pack in as much as humanly possible so my vacations end up not being all that relaxing. But Greensburg is a small town with only a few things to visit. And that's not a bad thing at all! I have come to realize that sometimes in our life we need a little change of scenery without the itinerary. 

I'm back home now and while all the usual things that I need to do are there, I have to say I feel a little more prepared and able to take them on. I feel a renewed energy to finish out the year and excited to start planning for 2019. My trip to Indiana taught me that I need to start talking walks on my own, without listening to a playlist or a podcast on my phone. I need some real decompression time. 

It all sounds so simple, yet in my experience the simplest things are the things we need the most reminded of. We're always looking for the big bang, the big answers, the big solutions. Sometimes I think that all we really need is a good walk and a little quiet time to balance us out. It worked for me, and I hope it will work for you.