5 Netflix Titles To Finish Out 2018

I'm back with five more Netflix recommendations to get you through to the new year.

I've said it a few times and it's true, sharing my Netflix recommendations is my favorite blog post to write. I've even given it a place on the header of my blog right next to my other favorites, baseball and style so you can find all my recommendations in one place!

I'm officially on holidays from work and while we are planning on taking off for a few days, until then we plan on doing a little Netflix binging.

In this list I have a soon to be Christmas classic, a two part recommendation and for the first time I am sharing one that I haven't watched yet! Let's dive in...


The Christmas Chronicles

Sit down Edmund Gwenn, move over Tim Allen, there's a new Santa in town! Kurt Russell is one cool Santa (who doesn't say Ho, Ho, Ho by the way) in this Christmas Netflix special that this blogger is hoping will become an annual thing! Could it be that Santa has two Bernese Mountain Dogs, just like mine or the conflicting feelings about Santa (is #HotSanta trending yet?) when he rocks out to Elvis's Christmas classic "Santa Claus is Back in Town"?

It's an adventure movie and I'm sure you can guess the plot. Kids encounter Santa, something happens and they all have to save Christmas. But there is nothing formulaic about the rest of the film. Laugh out loud funny moments, tear jerking tender parts (I'm tearing up just thinking of Teddy at the end, in the sleigh becoming a True Believer) and there's even a car chase in a Dodge Challenger (which AMH loved!)

I'm not spoiling anymore here. Grab a mug of hot chocolate and watch. Now!

This next one is actually two series in one...


Narcos: Mexico and Narcos

Truthfully, I never knew much about the illegal drug trades in Columbia and Mexico and I never really understood why all the men in my life (husband, kids, male family members, male co-workers) were so obsessed with watching shows and movies about it. Hold onto your hats because you won't hear me say this phrase very often, I was wrong. The stories of Pablo, Javier, Steve, El Chapo, Kiki, Felix, are so...interesting! I mean, these stories are so crazy, they would have to be true. You can't dream up the antics of Pablo Escobar!

I watched this series out of order. Narcos seasons 1-3 was the first to be released, and then Narcos Mexico. I started with Narcos Mexico and hear me out, I think this was the better way to do it. And I'm not the only one (give this The Hollywood Reporter article a read). Narcos Mexico had me hooked from the first episode. The acting is incredible but it really is the story that gets you. Sure, like anything they've changed a few things for dramatic effect, but you could sit there Googling the wilder stories and they would all come up as true to life. I'm telling you, it's crazy.

Narcos Mexico really delves into the beginning years of the DEA, which as someone who was never really into this genre, was quite helpful in understanding the original Narcos series. There are a lot of full circle moments between watching the two series so really anyway you decide to start watching, you will enjoy it. Now we just have to cross our fingers and hope for a second season of Narcos Mexico.


The Sinner

With only eight episodes in this series you would think this would be an easy watch. Each episode is packed with so much mystery and emotionally draining discoveries you wouldn't be blamed for taking a good few days or weeks with this one (it took me two weeks!)

Cora, played to perfection by Jessica Biel, is at the beach with her family when out of seemingly nowhere, she stabs a fellow beach goer to death. What follows is her imprisonment, the fallout for her family and the never ending unravelling of why she did it. While there is a second season, it surrounds another mystery. Cora's story is wrapped up to a satisfying conclusion at the end of season one. And it is a mind blown situation.

I've always said that with these reviews I am more here to guide and recommend, rather than spoil. Normally I wouldn't even want to say that the end of the show gives you a concrete conclusion but I know when I was watching this series, and things were getting so out of hand I wasn't quite sure how it would land, I worried this would be one of those incredibly annoying shows that cops out at the end and leaves on a cliffhanger with a you figure it out feel. Stick with this one. Through the uncomfortable scenes, the confusing scenes, the make you want to shake Cora scenes, through the PTSD/Psychoanalytic moments. It is all worth it.

lost in space

Lost in Space

Danger, Will Robinson. We have another remake on our hands! And luckily, this one is a keeper. Truth be told, I've never seen the original tv series or the 1998 movie and that may have helped me here. I've read there are a few differences, nothing too major, from the originals. So having not seen any of those, instead of focusing on the differences, I focused on what was great about this series.

The Robinson family needs to leave Earth and evacuate to a star system to set up a new colony. On route they crash land on an alien planet and the family must fight to survive all the strange things they encounter. Along the way, youngest son Will saves a robot and befriends him. The rest of the family and a few others who survive the escape, are wary of this new friend. 

Sci-Fi and adventure movie lovers will enjoy this one. Only ten episodes long, it's easy to watch on a day where you just want to lay in bed (possibly after a night of imbibing a little too much). 

bird box

Bird Box

For the first time I am going to recommend something I haven't yet seen (*Update, I watched and loved it!)

Leading up to the December 21st release, this film has been much hyped on Netflix and social media. Based on the best selling novel, Bird Box takes place in a post-apocalyptic world where you need to blindfold yourself to protect yourself. That is all you need to know. That and it stars Sandra Bullock and if you're as much of a fan of hers as I am (love her!) then you don't need any further incentive to watch.

Update - I watched this just before I hit publish on this post. It is suspenseful, dramatic and down right scary. Right now this movie is blowing up social media. Reviewers are labeling this "the most terrifying thing people have ever seen" and Twitter has been exploding with hilarious and thought provoking memes. Don't click those links unless you have already watched. Also, if you're not a fan of terrifying movies, skip this one. I can guarantee you will have trouble sleeping afterwards.

Speaking of terrifying...



I'm adding in a last minute addition here. I had never heard of the story of Krampus, and until Googling I thought it was something made for the movie. It's actually an Austrian-Bavarian story of a half-goat, half-demon Christmas devil. He's the evil counterpart to St. Nicholas who punishes children who misbehave.

We were starting to feel a little burned out from too many feel good holiday classics and this 2015 movie, which stars so many people that you will recognize from "that other movie", was listed in Netflix's holiday suggestions. I didn't expect much, but I really enjoyed this dark holiday movie. It's intense and scary and Christmasy all at the same time. It's a really good palate cleanser from all the sweet as can be movies we usually watch this time of year. Just make sure you never lose your Christmas spirit or Krampus just might pay you a visit!

There you have it, a listing of movies and tv series from Netflix to get you through to the end of 2018.

Wishing you and yours a very happy holidays and I'll see you here next year! 

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