Dining at Langdon Hall's Wilk's Bar

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A few nights before Christmas, AMH and I slipped away from the holiday hustle and bustle to have dinner at Langdon Hall.


It's been a family tradition to visit Langdon Hall for almost 18 years! It's so hard to believe we've been visiting the hotel, restaurant, spa and grounds that long. Frankly, I still have trouble realizing that I can say that I've done anything for almost 20 years!

AMH and I have somewhat unfortunate timing for our birthdays. They're both just around Christmas which means they usually get overshadowed. While our kids were growing up we chose to focus on their birthdays and said that one day we'd get around to properly celebrating our own. Well, 2018 seems to be that year! The boys are grown and are not at all concerned about having birthday parties, so now is our time. For AMH's birthday we decided that we would eat at Langdon Hall and then head to the KW Symphony, one of our favorite ways to spend a date night.

Coordinating the boys work schedules around Christmas was proving difficult so we had to pass on our annual dinner in Langdon Hall's main dining room this year. For our wedding anniversary last year the boys surprised us with dinner at the Wilk's Bar and we had such a great time, we decided to eat here for AMH's birthday.

The Wilk's Bar is not as well known as the main dining room, but is no less special. Actually, I had not intended on making a blog post out of our visit (I would have taken more time with photos if I had) I posted a few photos to my Instagram Stories and heard from so many people that they didn't know Langdon Hall had a more relaxed dining option, so here we are!


The Wilk's Bar is easy to find. When you enter the main reception area of Langdon Hall there will be someone to direct you to the right, passed a private dining room you can rent, which is beautifully decorated for the season. 



Then passed the pool room and you're in Wilk's Bar (I don't have many interior shots as it was quite busy that evening and I didn't want to disturb those also dining)

Dining at Langdon Hall's Wilk's Bar

Whenever I eat here the first thing I do is look to the seasonal cocktail menu. They always have such wonderfully inventive drinks! Mine was a holiday spiced prosecco cocktail with cinnamon, apple and flower garnish. 

 Wilk's Bar

A cheese plate for starters is a must. It's a wonderful opportunity to sample some local Ontario cheeses. Here we have Guns Hill 5 Brothers goat cheddar and figaro. 

Langdon Hall's Wilk's Bar

It's also a great chance to sample the fruit compote that is not only made on site, the fruit is grown on site! The same goes for many of the vegetables that are served and they even produce their own honey. 

Langdon Hall's Wilk's Bar

For mains I had the Orecchiette Pasta, rapini, anchovy, chili, poor man’s cheese. AMH had the Spatchcock Hen, mushrooms, soft polenta, roasted shallots, madeira jus. Both were wonderfully prepared and we may have even asked one of the kitchen staff just how they get the skin on the hen so delightfully crispy! 

I sampled AMH's dish but I have to say that mine was the best. It was wonderfully seasoned and you could taste how fresh the noodles and sauce were. My only regret is that I had filled up on cheeses and couldn't finish it all! 
Langdon Hall's Wilk's Bar

But I did have room for a little dessert! AMH and I split the Plum Pudding with spiced rum and anglaise. 

Sitting next to the real wood burning fireplace with a lovely cocktail in hand helped us celebrate a special day and unwind before all the craziness of Christmas started.

The Wilk's Bar menu is less expensive than the main dining room menu with a few more pub style options (you can order a burger or fish and chips in the Wilk's Bar) but they serve up the same level of quality, hospitality and attention to detail as in the main dining room. It's also a great option if you're under a time limit. We had to make our show across town after eating and I've always found that we spend less time at Wilk's Bar (eating in the main dining room is a whole production which is fantastic if you have the time). They also use the Wilk's Bar menu as room service, so again you know you are getting the very best quality.

It also has less seating and I've found it to be more intimate. Now that they boys are grown and creating lives for themselves, AMH and I have been having a lot of fun reconnecting. It was lovely to be sat in such a beautiful restaurant, inside a spectacular hotel, to talk about our birthdays, the upcoming holidays, how great the kids are doing and exactly when we can come back to Langdon Hall again.

Reservations are recommended 1-800-268-1898
Wilk's Bar Menu

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