Hudson's Bay Stripes Gift Guide

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You read that right, this is a gift guide for the Hudson's Bay stripe lover in your life. And it's not just for Canadians anymore!
The Hudson's Bay stripes have been a Canadian icon since the 1700's. Those four stripes, green, red, yellow and navy, are just about as Canadian as our red maple leaf flag. Actually, The Hudson's Bay stripes have been in Canada for almost 200 years before the flag we know became our national flag!

Mug reg. $8, on sale $5.60 | ornament 123  reg.$15 on sale for $9

Fuzzy tartan throw $149 on sale for $104

Tote made in Canada $85 | Wallet $45 | Umbrella $45 | Cottage socks $30

Baby cardigan reg $69 on sale for $48.30 | Charity bear $21.99 | Dog bowls $28-36

Mittens $20 | Pom pom hat $45 | Wool scarf $70 made in Scotland

The Bay stripes have broken out and can be found under the name Glacier Park stripes with Pendleton under a special grant by HBC (Hudson's Bay Company) and items can also be found in store at L.L.Bean, Woolwich, and Lord & Taylor stores (which Hudson's Bay owns, along with Saks Fifth Ave.)

I've seen an increase on social media of non-Canadians trying to lay claim to the stripes. We Canadians are good sports and we are happy to share this piece of our heritage with the world. My only word of caution, don't try and do that to a Canadian, at a hockey game, after a few beers. You just might inadvertently start World War III! 

But enough of all that, let's get to the items currently for sale at Hudson's Bay showcasing these lovely stripes! You can find the Hudson's Bay stripes on just about anything, for anyone and at any price point!

If I had a country house (it's high on my wish list!) I would pick at least one room to fully deck out in Hudson's Bay stripe style and this bespoke chair would be my first purchase. A purchase I have already made is this fuzzy tartan throw blanket that I bought for AMH's upcoming birthday (yes, I already gave it to him. He and I are terrible at keeping presents a secret from one another!) The blanket is extra soft, light and well, fuzzy! We love it so much, we bought the same blanket in just stripes!

Another thing I find myself buying multiples of, the mittens. I'm on my third pair, I buy a new set every two years. I have a tendency to spill my coffee on them while walking the dog in the morning and they can only go through the wash so many times before looking tired. I bought my fox fur pom hat years ago and truly, it still looks brand new (and I wear it a lot in the winter!)  I think the hat and mitts make a great gift because there is no need to worry about getting the sizes right! Last Christmas The Oldest bought me this made in Scotland wool scarf and I wear it everywhere as soon as the temperatures drop. It looks great with a green, red, blue, tan, black, even a denim coat!

The Christmas ornaments have given me another place in my home to decorate with these stripes. If you buy in store, you can also get tissue paper and wrapping paper in the Hudson's Bay stripes! The remaining items on the gift guide above are pretty self explanatory and practical, which of course makes them the perfect gift!

Are you as obsessed with the Hudson's Bay Stripes as I am? What's your favourite stripe item? 

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