My Christmas Office Decor


Today I thought I would take you on a quick tour of my home office Christmas decor! 
When I first changed this room from a bedroom to a home office it was a photo I saw on the Martha Stewart site that sparked the decor but... I also think it had a lot to do with my love of Fortnum & Mason! I bought this tote bag on my last visit to London and when I'm not using it, it sits in my office. I gave it a bit of festive flair by adding a simple white ribbon and placing it under my office tree.

But that's getting a little ahead of ourselves. Since my office is light, bright and colourful I thought it best to keep the decor the same. 

Tiffany blue christmas decor

My wall of collected blue and white plates and gold mirror got a little greenery with a simple white ribbon added. I never talked about where these plates came from in my earlier post about my office. Each set was collected over time and most of them where in use the day before I bought plate hangers and added them to my wall! 

The very top ones (all white with blue trim) are part of a 4 piece side plate Martha Stewart Everyday set I found at Goodwill for $4. The ones just below I bought at Winners, just two of them, because I thought the pattern was pretty. It's all flowers and I bought them in the hopes I would eventually see more in store and could make a full set. Sadly I never found anymore. 

Just below that and directly beside (both bottom plates on either side) are special one off plates I found at various antique stores. They each have a different scene; one a country cottage, another a farm scene and even one of the Liberty Bell in Philadelphia! 

Tiffany blue christmas decor

The greenery is simple Incense Cedar I bought for $5 at the grocery store. I split the bundle into two making a mirror topper for my front door and this one here. I took the two largest pieces and tied the bare branches together so that the best looking parts were shown and would drape down to create a natural swag. 

Tiffany blue christmas decor

I tied a simple white satin ribbon in the middle and draped the hanging parts on the mirror. 

My Christmas Office Decor

It's a nice welcome each morning when I work from this space. Not much of a smell I'm afraid so I've taken to burning pine scented votives during the day. It's a bit of a nice distraction given that I am incredibly busy with work this time of year, hence the somewhat messy desk (I swear I tidied up before this photo but I didn't want to lose my place in my work!) 


Most mornings I am up at 6 am with our Bernese Mountain Dog puppy, Ivy (she even has her own Instagram account now @celebratingivy). After walking and feeding her, I am in this office starting work around 7. I work for a few hours, then maybe run and errand or two, and then it's back to work until (usually) 4pm. Then, I start work on this blog and try to keep my house in order. I'm a little late on my Christmas cards this year but it's because I was looking for just the right ones. I finally found a cute Canada winter hat set to send to my friends and family in the US and UK and then some watercolour girly ones that I'll send out as cards for my blog (I send a card to every PR, Social Media rep and company I have ever worked with!)  

My Christmas Office Decor

Because I am in here all the time, I leave the door always open. I found my old metallic magnolia wreath down in the basement and added it to the door. It's a nice addition since I have other gold/metallic items in the room, so I'm thinking I will just leave the wreath here throughout the year. 

tiffany blue

What I am most excited about though is my new office tree! Working from home can get lonely and I missed the old days of working in the office with me and my coworkers decorating our areas (they used to hold in office decorating competitions!). This pre-lit white tree came with three different options - all white lights, all coloured or flicking back and forth between the two. I had it set to white for a few days and then The Youngest changed it to coloured and I never changed it back! I just love the light and bright festive feel of coloured lights. They're fun! (Similar option, all coloured lights for only $39!)

white christmas tree with tiffany blue ornaments

The decorations are simple teal plastic balls that came in a set of 26. I bought one, but felt like it needed a little more. I texted a picture to my friend, the talented interior design and all round lifestyle expert Kendra Bester Design and she said you need more. Another box of 26 later and I had a lovely and fully decorated tree.

white christmas tree with tiffany blue ornaments

The topper was a set of fan decorations that I bought on clearance at Target. It was part of the Oh Joy! line from last year (or maybe a few years ago. Time is just flying by!) 

white christmas tree with tiffany blue ornaments

I bought two sets, each set had three printed fans. The teal and gold colours worked perfectly for my decor (it also came with a third forest green colour that did not match at all so I recycled those). 

white christmas tree with tiffany blue ornaments

My gallery wall hasn't changed much. I've got a countdown to Christmas now and a few Christmas cards to display. 


My shelves haven't changed much either (I guess that means I like how they were set up!). I swapped out some books to display my old December issues of Martha Stewart Living

December issues of Martha Stewart Living

I have *almost* every December issue since the magazine started in 1990! In this little stack, which is my current reading stack, I always seem to leave the December 1998 issue on top. It's cover is still my favourite one they have ever done. The picture hanging on the wall is a picture from a Martha Stewart book where the page has fallen out. I will display it here and in the new year put it back in place. 

central park new york

The only other artwork change was adding my photo of Central Park and The Plaza Hotel from back in 2005. AMH surprised me with a trip to stay at The Plaza Hotel, which purely by accident we ended up staying there just a few days before they closed the hotel for a two year extensive renovation. It was a total dream come true to stay where Kevin McCallister did and I'm so glad I can say I stayed there when it looked like it did in Home Alone 2: Lost in New York.

We stayed at the end of February when The Gates art installation by Christo and Jeanne-Claude was on display. The Gates were 7,503 vinyl deep saffron coloured "gates" along 23 miles (37 km) of pathways in Central Park. They were truly a sight to see! On that trip it was rather cold and when were weren't bundled up walking under The Gates, we were taking horse carriage rides through the park, bundled under warm blankets. The view from our room at The Plaza overlooked the park and the entrance to The Gates. The bright orange colour brightened up an otherwise gloomy February and because there were no leaves on the trees, the aerial view allowed us to see just what 7,503 gates looked like!

I so loved this installation and while I took many photos of my own (and this was looooonnnngggg before the days of Instagram!) I still bought this souvenir picture to bring home. It's a little faded and the glass front shattered a long time ago but I still find a way to display it every winter. Now I think it's found its permanent home in my office. 

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