5 Outfits by Friday 01.18

One of my goals for this little blog in 2019 is to share more of my daily outfits.

I'm committing to sharing five looks every Friday here on Celebrating This Life. It will consist of outfits I've wore that week either for a day of working from home, headed to the office or out at night. 

It solves two issues for me, firstly this is my way of sharing with you how I style and rewear items from my closet. Hopefully it will give you a little inspiration when you are staring at your own closet early in the morning (I know that struggle all too well) and secondly, and very selfishly, it gets me out of my own rut. 

Working from home most days of the week is fantastic. Over the last few months, as it got colder, I found myself wearing the same old thing everyday. I've even resorted to wearing jogging pants day in and day out. Yikes. I am in a rut. It's winter, it's cold and spring is so far off I almost don't believe it will ever arrive. I know I'm not the only one, my friend Robin of The Dress Decoded just published a blog post called "What to wear when you're sick of your winter clothes". Her blog post has given me some great ideas on how to switch around my wardrobe to break out of my rut. 

I started posting the following mirror selfies on Instagram Stories and instantly received questions about where I found each clothing item. I've always been open and honest about my love of vintage clothing and bargain hunting, which at times makes it difficult to be a "fashion blogger" and share a link to an exact item. Each week when I post these photos I'm going to keep the talking to a minimum (which as you may have guessed will be the hardest part for me!) and rather spend more of my energy finding and sharing dupes and similar looking items to my no longer available pieces. 

I hope you find this new column interesting and helpful and I welcome any and all feedback (just leave it in the comments below!)

Here we go, 5 outfits by Friday

celebrating this life

Dinner at the Four Seasons Toronto
Bell sleeve sweater: Banana Republic
Nylons: Calvin Klein
Boots: Easy Spirit
Clutch: Louis Vuitton (part of the Neverfull bag)

5 Outfits by Friday 01.18

Old college sweater: Love Hillflint for collegiate clothing
Jeans: Gap
Socks: L.L.Bean
Eyeglasses: EyeBuyDirect $22


Cardigan: Banana Republic
Jeans: Gap
Riding Boots: Mark's
Eyeglasses: EyeBuyDirect $43

joe fresh


Sweater: old Joe Fresh (my most asked about item this week!) 
Leggings: Old Navy
Socks: L.L.Bean
Eyeglasses: EyeBuyDirect $43 
Skates: Canadian Tire

work style

Collarless Jacket: Calvin Klein
Long Sleeve White Shirt: The White T-Shirt Co. c/o
Jeans: Gap
Boots: Easy Spirit
Eyeglasses: EyeBuyDirect $43 

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