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Spending the first few days of January in Connecticut felt like we had skipped right over winter and landed in spring. The grass was still green, the sun was shining, blue skies as far as the eye could see and the only time a coat was needed was when they sun started to set. Now that I'm back in Canada and watching the snow gently fall, I am thankful we had this time away in the sun.

Which was not at all what we had expected. This winter season has been a bit of a weird one. Here in Waterloo Region we had snow in November, and lots of it. Not totally unusual for living in a snow belt. But what is unusual is that all that snow melted and the majority of the month of December was green. Luckily we did see a light snowfall on Christmas eve and I got my ever important white Christmas.

When we originally booked our Airbnb we envisioned mountains of snow and spending the days inside sitting by a fireplace. No snow and no indoor fireplace. So we made the best of it, and the best it was! We spent lots of time outside with Ivy soaking up the sun and made bonfires each night to sit by and star gaze.

We usually plan a winter vacation to somewhere warm but this year we are skipping that because we want to be home with the puppy. This trip to Fairfield, Connecticut, where it felt like spring had already arrived, will serve as our time away in the sun. When it's the middle of winter and I haven't seen the sun for weeks, I'll just look back on these photos and will probably recreate this outfit to keep me going.

It's a simple enough one too. White jeans that are so timeless I wear them in every season, a fun polka dot cardigan in a dark colour to offset the white jeans and my vibrant green jacket I bought last year. It's a simple outfit that has big results! Blue and green is such a classic combo and the white makes it feel fresh and youthful.

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