Our Converted Barn Airbnb Rental in Fairfield, Connecticut

Fairfield, Connecticut

2019 is off to a great start largely because we started this year in a converted barn in Fairfield, Connecticut! 

So how did this all come about? Well, I'll try and keep this short. We planned on taking the puppy and our sons to Quebec City for Christmas. In September we found the perfect house to rent on Airbnb and instantly booked it. The owner cancelled our reservation weeks later saying that our dates no longer worked with their schedule and asked us to choose new dates. 

Which we did. We went through that same song and dance two more times, cancelling and then re-booking (we were given various lame excuses) before asking for our deposit back. In the meantime, everything in Quebec City and surrounding areas booked up for the holidays. We expanded our search and looked for a unique property that allowed pets and was less than a nine hour drive from our house. 

AMH and I sat on the couch scrolling on our phones looking for another Airbnb to rent. We came across this converted barn in Fairfield, Connecticut and seeing as we had visited Connecticut a few times in the last year or so and really enjoyed ourselves, we booked right away. Christmas was already booked for another family so we changed our dates and decided to book the beginning of the year (which meant The Oldest had to stay as he had work obligations). 

Airbnb Rental

We arrived late on New Year's Day. Checking into the house was easy as the owner provided all instructions a few days before we left. 

Our Converted Barn Airbnb Rental in Fairfield, Connecticut

We brought all of our luggage inside and after letting the puppy walk around the property for a bit, we brought her into the house along with all her toys and bed. 

Our Converted Barn Airbnb Rental in Fairfield, Connecticut

At only seven months old, Ivy is already a well travelled dog. We watched her for a few minutes, curious to see what she would do in her new surroundings. It was anti-climatic because all she did was lay at the front door on the mat and watched us put away groceries and put out some late night snacks.

Our Converted Barn Airbnb Rental in Fairfield, Connecticut

We did a quick walk around the house to get a lay of the land and then retired to the main living area to listen to music with an evening cocktail before heading to bed. 

Our Converted Barn Airbnb Rental in Fairfield, Connecticut

And then bright and early the next day, Ivy got the whole house up at 5 am! It's her usual wake-up-take-me-for-a-walk time but it felt a little rough after a long day of driving. Once the sun was up, we were able to get a better look at our unique converted barn that we would be calling home for the next few days.

Our Converted Barn Airbnb Rental in Fairfield, Connecticut

Front entrance

Converted Barn Airbnb Rental

Front and side

Fairfield, Connecticut

Side with doors leading to a basement living room and bedroom

Our Converted Barn Airbnb Rental in Fairfield, Connecticut

The back of the house. A large back designed for entertaining and a small upper deck just off the master bedroom 

Our Converted Barn Airbnb Rental in Fairfield, Connecticut

The house boasts four separate bedrooms. The master occupies the top floor with a walk in closet and en-suite. 

Our Converted Barn Airbnb Rental in Fairfield, Connecticut

A few steps down from the master is another large bedroom. This level has a full linen closet in the hallway leading to...

Our Converted Barn Airbnb Rental in Fairfield, Connecticut

This lovely bathroom with freestanding tub. I love the tub and pedestal sink and even the pencil nude drawings (which have become a favourite of mine in the last year or so) On the wall not seen is a washer and dryer behind double closet doors. 

There are two other bedrooms located in the basement, a double bed and a twin. You can see those rooms on my Instagram Highlights under "Airbnb Tour"

Our Converted Barn Airbnb Rental in Fairfield, Connecticut

Into the main living room with the amazing wall of windows! You can see Ivy's Hudson's Bay dog bed on the floor with all her toys. Odd little thing about Ivy is she doesn't sleep with us but rather prefers to be by herself downstairs either on her bed or sleeping at the front door.  

Converted Barn Airbnb in Fairfield, Connecticut

And as soon as the sun rises, it looks heavenly in here. 

Our Converted Barn Airbnb Rental in Fairfield, Connecticut

A full couch that if you needed to, could serve as another sleeping space. The couch opposite is two parts and can be separated to make more seating. There is a grand piano in the background which I did play around with a little, hoping that The Youngest who has spent the last few years in piano lessons would come and show us a few things. He only played when we were outside (I think we gush too much when he plays and it embarrasses him)

Our Converted Barn Airbnb Rental in Fairfield, Connecticut

Looking through to the dining area and french doors to the back deck.

Our Converted Barn Airbnb Rental in Fairfield, Connecticut

Our Converted Barn Airbnb Rental in Fairfield, Connecticut

View from the kitchen. Wine and cheese hour was a daily thing thanks to Trader Joe's being a two minute car ride away. 

I think this is my favourite spot in the house because everything is so white and bright and the warm wood wall at the end is just a spectacular sight. 

Our Converted Barn Airbnb Rental in Fairfield, Connecticut

The Viking fridge and large gas stove was hard to leave behind. Sure I love my appliances at home but it sure was fun to cook on this bad boy (I have electric at home) It was quite easy to cook in this kitchen as it was well stocked. Only two things IMHO were missing, a Keurig and a toaster. They do have a toaster oven but it's not the same.  

Our Converted Barn Airbnb Rental in Fairfield, Connecticut

This is the view from the upper master bedroom deck. I imagine in the warmer months you could have two small bistro chairs out here and watch the sun rise and set, as it was doing here. We had promised The Youngest a bonfire as soon as it started to get dark. 

Our Converted Barn Airbnb Rental in Fairfield, Connecticut

And we kept our promise. This was our nightly view sitting in front of a brick and stone fire pit surrounded by chairs. The puppy enjoyed her off leash freedom and would run sprints in the grass and then adventure near the stream just behind the property (we watched her like a hawk when she went near there) but most of the time she sat on the deck and just watched over her family. 

I gave a live tour on Instagram and received so many questions about the house and renting from Airbnb in general. I'll try and answer them all here:

Do you need to bring your own towels, linens, etc.?

For this house, everything was included. When you are going to rent an Airbnb read the description of the house and what it offers really well. They will include what is available to you, and what you need to bring yourself. This is the third Airbnb rental we have stayed at and while the description didn't specifically say towels and linens, it's fairly safe to expect that those basics will be available. The idea is these places are set up like a home away from home and should have everything you need. If there is something specific you are worried about, say not having a Keurig would be a deal breaker for you, you can always contact the host and ask. 

How do you get into the place when you get there?

Every Airbnb is different. When we rented our flat in Scotland, the host mailed us a set of keys a few weeks before we left. The last two have been lock boxes with the host emailing us the code a few days before. Typically, you will hear from your host 1-7 days before check in and they will provide all instructions. 

Is there a rating system, similar to Uber?

Absolutely. Once you've completed your stay, you rate the home and host and they do the same (happy to report we received all 5 stars, and have been lucky enough to give all 5 star reviews!)

Is it expensive? 

This all depends on your idea of what is expensive but for us, this was a bargain. That house we planned on renting in Quebec City was going to cost us $1500 Canadian. We spent just under $900 to stay here. It works out to approx $130 a night (plus fees) which is so much more affordable than renting a hotel room. 

As well, we were traveling with a teenager (who wants his own space) and a puppy. While we have all stayed in hotel rooms together, spending a few days and nights in close quarters is not ideal. Renting a house gives everyone some breathing room. You can also prepare all your own meals. And when we wanted to head out and do a little shopping, we were able to leave the puppy which we couldn't do in a hotel room (we left her after a nice long walk and she slept the whole time. The Teenager stayed back the first time and told us that's all she did)

Would you recommend this rental to others?

YES, YES, YES! In fact, we've decided that this will be out home base when visiting Connecticut and New York on future trips. It's only an hour drive outside of Manhattan and on our last day we decided to visit and take The Youngest and Ivy to see Times Square, 30 Rock and Central Park. It was really nice to see the city and know you can retire back to the tranquility of Connecticut. 

The host was fantastic and answered all of our questions quickly. The place was sparkling clean and really had everything you would need, including an extensive library of old school cds and tapes which made for an interesting night of walking down memory lane. 

Did Airbnb provide this to you, are you sponsored by them?

No, this was all of our own doing and our own money. 

I am in the process of ironing out the details to be part of an influencer group for an Airbnb cottage this year, but that is an arrangement I am making with the host and not sponsored by Airbnb. 

I hope that answers any questions you may have about this rental and Airbnb in general. If not, feel free to leave a comment and I'll do my best to answer! 


  1. What a stunning AirBnb! That morning light, and the tub! So happy you had a lovely experience.

    1. I've been dreaming about that tub! Ha, it's made me want to gut my own bathroom! xx