Valentines Day Outfits for Colder Climates

winter outfits

Oh Valentines. Such a love filled holiday...right smack in the middle of winter.
For us Northerners, this is a real problem! Dressing up for a night out usually means feeling cold and uncomfortable throughout the evening. Those that opt for warmth and comfort over fashion end up feeling left out and spending the evening wishing that they had made the extra effort.

All of that stops right here. There is a way to dress up and still remain warm! And that is incredibly important as we are entering week two of extreme cold warnings with little end in sight.

Today, we're going to break down three outfits that combine fashion and function.

City Date Night

winter style ootd

If you know the sidewalks will be clear on your date night you can get away with loafers, as long as you don't need to walk very far outside! Repeat after me, valet parking. Velvet leggings are currently on my wish list, they just sound warm! Grab a white oxford from your closet, a crewneck (this one is less than $60!), top with a scarf that looks like Gucci for less than $50 and you've got yourself a fashionable and warm outfit! The coat is a bit of a splurge but just image how many wears you will get out of it this season and next year. 

Dinner & Show

winter style

Blouse / coat / jeans

The bow detail on this blouse is just too darling! The model here is wearing with white jeans but I'm going to recommend dark wash for heading out to a show. Ugg boots with pretty ribbons elevates an otherwise utilitarian boot and the houndstooth jacket and hot pink gloves complete the look. In the spring, wear this blouse again with white jeans and loafers or tucked into a grey pencil skirt for work. 

Romantic Restaurant

date night outfit

I am currently coveting this leopard skirt (actually, just waiting for a sale day I'll update here when/if I get one) I envision dressing it up for a night out as I've done here with fur coat and suede boots and in the spring I'd like to pair with a pink blouse and heels and white t-shirt and flats. Leopard skirts were all the rage last fall, paired with dark items. This spring I am picturing light colours and breezing fabric pairings for a twist on traditional leopard outfits. 

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