How I am Banishing Dry Indoor Air

cool air

If you've been reading here for some time you know that I am beauty obsessed and my particular passion/area of expertise is in skin care.
It all goes back to being a youngester and fighting a losing battle to eczema. While the flare ups died down in my 20's, I've never been able to shake incredibly dry skin.

While I love the winter season, my skin does not. And it's not just me. Right now it's anyone who lives in a home with the heat on. That heat removes the humidity from your home and leaves you with dry, itchy skin, static on your clothes, even in your hair! Well this winter I've fought and won the battle!

And would you believe me if I told you it only cost me $39.97 (CAN) and I didn't have to change or adjust my nightly beauty routine?

I bought a humidifier for my bedroom!

It's the Vicks mini filter free cool mist ultrasonic humidifier (gosh, that was a mouth full!) and it has been a total lifesaver, to the point that I don't know how we ever lived without one! It started about two months ago when AMH and The Youngest came down with a case of bronchitis. Over the years, each time one of us become ill, we would say we should get one but for one reason or another we just never made it happen. This time though, the coughing was painful and as the only well person in the house (frankly I wanted to stay that way) I started to do some quick searches.

I learned that you can purchase either a warm or cool air humidifier. They come in a variety of sizes, small enough for an office space, large enough for an entire floor of your home. There are quiet options, options to add scented pads and even ones that will project childlike images on the ceiling.

I weighed the pros and cons of warm air vs. cool air and ultimately made the decision to go with cool air. Cool air humidifiers are a better option for larger areas and my bedroom is a large open space. Also, I prefer my room to be on the cooler side at night and a warm air humidifier will make your space warmer and stuffier. Basically, if you like the air in a sauna than a warm humidifier is for you. If you feel your chest and throat closing up just thinking about going into a sauna (that would be me!) then cool air is best for you.

Once I knew I wanted a cool air humidifier, I started looking for the next most important feature, noise. This was going to be in a bedroom with one heavy sleeper and one light sleeper (me again!). The third and still really important feature? Price. I was still pretty skeptical that this would even work. A quick online search lead me to the Vicks mini filter free cool mist ultrasonic humidifier. It was cool air, quiet and less than $40. I quickly ordered it and had it all set up in my bedroom in just a few days.

cool air humidifier

We've placed the humidifier on a small side table near the foot of our bed, pointing the mist away from the bed, and only use cool tap water. You don't need to search for a new table, you could just as easily place the humidifier on your nightstand, dresser or just leave it on the floor.

Another bonus to having the cool air humidifier is that we don't end up with the dreaded water vapour all over our bedroom furniture, as is common with the warm air humidifier. It probably has a lot to do with just how dry our indoor air really is, but there hasn't been a single mess or downside to operating this unit each and every night.

The bronchitis that started this all went away as quickly as it came. I still attribute that to the sheer amount of medication my gentlemen were talking but they did report sleeping better at night with the humidifier on. Frankly, I did too. I started noticing that I didn't need my nightly body moisturizer as much. I also noticed a decline in static shocks while getting dressed.

So here we are, two months later and our humidifier has been turned on every night since we got it. I truly can't believe the difference it has made! Since using, I no longer have that dry nose feeling. You know the one, your nostrils feel like the Sahara Desert and you're afraid to touch it lest the skin cracks and then feels even worse. All gone! I've also noticed that I don't wake up in the middle of the night to grab a sip of water. I still do bring a small glass of water to bed with me every night but before the humidifier, I would wake once or twice a night to grab a sip. Now I just drink when I wake up (I should also mention that I am always thirsty so this one was huge for me!)

It's the beginning of February and while others are already thinking spring, us northerners know we still have a good two months of dry indoor air. For an investment of just under $40, you can make those months a lot less dry and irritating. It requires little to no set up and there's no need to invest in a new beauty routine. A win-win all around!