Review: Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask

Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask

As I started to hibernate this winter I developed a not so great habit of biting my lips.
It seemed like the drier they got, the more I bit them. Eventually, I ended up biting enough to cut my lip. I knew I had to do something.

This is all because of just how dry the indoor air is. Once I solved that issue with the addition of a cool air humidifier, I had to work on repairing and restoring my chapped and cracking lips. Blistex wasn't working anymore. I had to look at other solutions.

I had had some mild success with a homemade lip scrub in the summer. I had decided on a great shade of matte lipstick for a wedding and to ensure the colour looked great when applied, I needed to gently exfoliate. I found an easy enough recipe, a teaspoon of equal parts sugar, honey and cinnamon. Mix and scrub on your lips. In a pinch, this is a great way to remove any dry and flaky skin but at the end of the day you're still left with dry lips.

On an impromptu trip to the mall I stopped in at Sephora and told them about my chapped lip woes and asked if there was anything on the market that could help. Without hesitation they suggested Laneige's Lip Sleeping Mask. For $24 I was willing to give it a try.

lip mask

It's an overnight lip mask made with hyaluronic acid and minerals and enriched with vitamin C and antioxidants with a sweet smell (and taste) of berries. The idea is it's a thick coating that adds and traps moisture in your lips and leaves them supple and hydrated the next morning.

The .70 oz jar sits on my nightstand along with the lip applicator. Each night before bed I add just a little to my top and bottom lip and let the product do its job while I sleep. When I first started using I noticed that the lip mask had completely absorbed into my lips by the time I woke up. Now a month later I notice that there is a little excess product that I wipe away when I wash my face. From what I read on their website and product description on Sephora, this is what they expect. My lips were just so dry when I started using, they were just gobbling up every little bit of moisture they could!

I've been using Laneige's Lip Sleeping Mask as part of my night time routine for two months now. My conclusion? It works! The cracked lips are gone and flakiness is a thing of the past. What I've also noticed is that my lips are more hydrated during the day, even when I'm not wearing the product. And I'm the person that has a green tube of Blistex in every purse, in my car, on my desk, beside my bed and anywhere else I'll be spending a few minutes. I've struggled with dry lips for some time!

The product is goopy, no better word for it. If you use your finger tip to apply, which I sometimes do, it's a little tough to get it off your finger tip. Which I suppose is a good thing because that staying power is what is repairing your lips while you sleep. The smell is a lovely sweet blend of berries but isn't overpowering. Just a delicate hint when you put it on. And when you do apply, a light hand is needed. A little goes a long way here. Based on the small amount I have used I can see myself getting a full year out of this bottle. That really makes the $24 dollar investment rather small!

Now is a great time to start using. Dry indoor air is pulling so much moisture from our bodies (make sure you're drinking lots of water friends!) but soon enough that will be replaced with fresh spring air. Get your dry, chapped lips dealt with now and have one less thing to worry about what spring (finally!) arrives.