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Caring for Cut Hydrangeas At Home

hydrangeas, blue and white

The skies turn blue, the sun shines and the robins are singing their happy little spring song and my first thought is, hydrangeas! Specifically where can I get them and how many! 

While I do love all flowers, hydrangeas are my favourite. Their little lacy flowers are eternally classic and they look good no matter the situation. They're also a relatively inexpensive cut flower (even when we were saving every penny to buy our first home, I always had a small budget built in to buy hydrangeas) and they keep for a good amount of time. It's always sad to buy say, a dozen roses and watch them wilt within the week. 

Hydrangeas will last a good amount of time with the simplest of care but they will last even longer if you put in a little effort! 


Two weeks ago I stopped by our local grocery store floral section and scooped up two bouquets of roses and two bouquets of hydrangeas. I started sharing photos on my Instagram of how I was preparing them and my inbox was flooded with questions and comments! Turns out you all love hydrangeas as much as I do! And...many of you had never heard of my tips for ensuring your hydrangeas last as long as possible, so here we are! 

Caring for Cut Hydrangeas At Home

  • As soon as I get home I gather the vases I plan on using and have them out on my countertop. 

  • I clear out my kitchen sink (because it's somehow always full of dishes) and place the stopper in the drain. 

  • I clip the stems of my hydrangeas with sharp scissors or gardening scissors to fit in my chosen vase. 

  • Place the hydrangeas in the bottom of the sink and start filling with cold water. 

Cut Hydrangeas

  • Once the sink is about halfway filled and the blooms start to float, I place a large heavy plate or bowl on top to help them sink down (you need to put water on top of the plate/bowl) 


  • Let rest for 2-3 hours. Remove and carefully shake off water. Rest on kitchen towel. Prepare vases with cool water and floral food (the packet the florist provides) and arrange.

blue and white

Arranging is the best part! For all of my cut flowers I keep them out of direct sunlight to prevent wilting. Sometimes my flowers will start the day on my coffee table, and end up on my dining room table. I am constantly moving them around to get the full enjoyment out of them. Some florists and websites will recommend changing the water everyday, but I've always stuck with every second day and they last just fine. 

Cool water always and if you find in the first day or two that your hydrangeas start to wilt or develop a flat spot, submerge them in water just like when you started. Sometimes this will hydrate them enough to spring back. If not, they could be past their prime and it's best just to enjoy them while you can (there's no telling how long they were at the florist before you bought them) 

On the 7th day I placed them in my bathroom where they have stayed. 

Here's a view at 10 days:

Caring for Cut Hydrangeas At Home

and now 14 days:

Caring for Cut Hydrangeas At Home

My hydrangeas are finally spent and headed for our green compost bin. Can you believe that these $6 grocery store stems lasted a good two weeks?!?! They spent their first week moving around my living and dining room and the last week brightening up my bathroom. I admit I got really used to having them in my bathroom and can't wait to go grab another bundle, which of course I'll be putting through the steps above so I can keep them around for a good long time. 

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