Review: L’Oréal Fine Flowers Cleansing Milk


When you're a raging flower lover and a trusted brand comes out with a new face wash called Fine Flowers Cleaning Milk, you tend to pay attention. 
Every winter my dry, sensitive skin suffers. For the past few years I have relied on a milk cleansing face wash by Dior to hydrate and reduce itchy, red skin but they no longer make it. That meant that this winter I was back on the hunt for something that would care for my skin. And I find it in the last place I thought I would, my local Walmart!

I had been experimenting with skin care products for a few months (a little on why I won't be doing that anymore later) and I really struggled to find the right face wash. Oil based washes made me greasy, foams dried me out and scrubs irritated my already irritated skin. Dior no longer made the milk cleanser I had enjoyed in years past and there wasn't anything at Sephora (where I get most of my beauty supplies) It was while I was searching for a new Essie nail polish at Walmart that I saw a new L’Oréal display catering to dry, sensitive skin. A cleansing milk face wash, just like that old brand I loved so much! 

At only $9.97 I was willing to give it a try. Rose and jasmine extract is known to be gentle and soothing on skin and milk based cleansers are best for keeping dry skin hydrated. It also boasts that it will remove make up which in my book is just an added bonus (I still use an eye make up remover) But would it clean my skin? Would it leave a sticky, icky feeling behind that couldn't be washed off (common amongst cream cleansers) 


Turns out, there was nothing to worry about at all! I have used this twice daily for a few months and my skin is left feeling clean, refreshed and soothed. Whenever I wash my face it goes a bright red, not anymore! Which is especially great for those mornings where I only have a chance to wash my face and my puppy Ivy has me out the door for her morning walk at 6:30. 

The great thing about a blogger providing a review of a beauty item is you get to learn new information in a way that's easy to understand. Sometimes I read the beauty inserts and think that I really should have paid better attention in my high school Bio class. The downside is that well, not everyone has the same skin type. If you have dry skin and you take advice from someone who has oily skin, the results could be disastrous.

My point is, when you take advice from me or anyone else first know what their skin type is. Actually, better to start with determining exactly what your skin type is, normal, dry, oily or combination (this article has everything you need to know to determine your skin type)

Those are the four universally accepted skin types but there is another one and it's where I happen to fit into, sensitive. And that posed a problem for me as a "blogger". Beauty Brands and PR Agencies love to send samples of their newest releases and I truly love trying out new things. Unfortunately, my skin does not. I broke out, turned my skin oily, then went full on dehydrated (which is different then dry) and all the while I couldn't get rid of the persistent redness that covered my cheeks. And even worse, I now have acne scars to deal with. Needless to say, I had to stop and listen to my skin.

It's a long story but one I had to share because I will no longer be accepting and sharing beauty items unless they work with my dry/sensitive skin. I know that makes my future beauty reviews only applicable to a small amount of people, but I hope that for those who suffer like I do, I can give you the advice and review that will be the most helpful.

I've found a routine that works for me right now. It has calmed my red skin, made me feel hydrated but not greasy and is working hard to stop aging in its tracks. I'll be sharing more in the next few weeks about what is working for me, including the at home gadget I swear by and the facials you need to know about.

Feel free to ask any questions in the comments or email me at and I'll cover them in a future post!