Sephora Sale Details April 26 - May 6, 2019

Time to start filling your cart, the spring Sephora sale is finally here!
This is a big deal because, well, Sephora doesn't have sales very often. The Spring Sephora Beauty Insider's sale is when I stock up on beauty, hair care and skin care products. It's the perfect time as you can play around with them in the spring, rock it in the summer, use it right through fall and hope you still have enough product to get you to the next Sephora sale.

Rouge Members - 20% off with code HEYROUGE (Shop now April 26-May 6)
VIB Members - 15% off with code HEYVIB (Starts May 2- May 6)
Insider Members - 10% off with code HEYINSIDER (Starts May 2- May 6)

If you are not a Beauty Insider member with Sephora, it's free to join RIGHT HERE Sign up and start building points towards free gifts, services and birthday surprises (yes, they give you a birthday present each year!) It's free to join and even if you only occasionally purchase from them, it's still worth signing up to get your free birthday gift.

I've got my shopping cart all ready to go for this Thursday. I'm a VIB Member which means I've spent $350 in a calendar year so I'll be saving 15% off my purchase. When I'm in need of a mask or new mascara I'll just buy it and won't worry about saving for the sale. How I like to shop the sale is to purchase luxury brand products that you never find on sale. Yes it's fun to get 15% off a $20 mask but you know what's even better? Getting 15% off a $140 moisturizer!

Here's what I'm buying this week:

It's rated number 1 for a reason! Dior's Dreamskin is just that. I cashed in a few Sephora points last month to get some sample sizes of this daytime cream I kept hearing about. I am in love! It works on every skin type (including my ultra sensitive skin). It reduces dullness, pores, wrinkles and works to improve the overall quality of your skin. I love wearing it under my foundation as a base or all alone to give me a clean, matte look throughout the day. It does not contain SPF so make sure your foundation has SPF or apply some specially formulated for the face before you head outside (this one is perfect for all skin types!)

This mask is three minutes of heaven (I love the smell and the fact that it's only three minutes!) It's fast, easy, shrinks your pores and mattifies your skin. What more could you ask for. I've been testing this one for a few weeks and now I can't live without it. I like to use this on Sunday mornings to prep for the week ahead. I put this on while getting ready to jump in the shower.

How have I been testing this mask? Well, if you head into a Sephora store you will see a "Try Me" sticker on the product. Take that to a Sephora employee and ask for a sample to take home. I've done that twice with this mask. If it was a cheap mask ($20 and under) I would have just bought the bottle and tested it but at $79, this mask is a bit of an investment. A single sample size from Sephora meant I was able to test the mask 6 times and I noticed an improvement in my skin. I've been having some blocked pores on my cheeks and jawline and this really helped clear those up. I've also noticed those pesky nose blackheads are much less noticeable. 

This is a restock on a day & night creme I have been using as my night cream for a few months (I still have lots left but the sale is too good to pass up!) It's a day and night antioxidant cream that works to delay and reduce all visual signs of aging. It also helps to even skin tone and that's where I have noticed the most difference since using. My skin was red, uneven and greasy. Not in the 'I have oily skin way', it was more in the 'my night cream is far too think for my skin' way. I have been finding that traditional night creams are so thick that my skin can't absorb it. Every morning I was waking with greasy skin that eventually broke out everywhere. 

When I went in store to purchase this cream the sale clerk tried to redirect me to something thicker but I stood my ground because I knew that thicker wasn't working for me. I needed something that would hydrate and soothe without going overboard. I read great things about this cream, purchased and used it and have never looked back. On days when I am working from home I just use this day and night after cleansing. 

As you can see, I am pretty brand loyal to Dior. Now that I have aging skin I really want to care for it. I've tried every brand under the sun and have found that nothing compares to the quality in Dior products. But I'm not going to lie, they are expensive which is why I am stocking up now! 

There is one product that I use daily that isn't from the Dior line, and it's something I use every night and will continue to for the rest of my life (I'm on year 3 already!)

Once I started to notice fine lines on my forehead I wanted to take action straight away to prevent them from getting any deeper. I had just attended an Estée Lauder event where we were given samples on this miracle serum. I started testing with a skeptics eye while trying to remain open and positive. I felt that the only spot that needed attention was my forehead so that's where I have applied it for the past three years. 

Every night I use a few drops and gently massage into my forehead and apply my night creme only to the other places on my face. Did the lines completely disappear? No, but they are much less noticeable and if I compare a picture of myself from three years ago to today, there isn't much of a difference, telling me that the serum is doing it's job in slowing the aging process. 

There's a little story I like to tell about this product. I was at an Estée Lauder product launch party and ended up talking to a lovely lady who just joined the Estée team. We got talking about home and children and as soon as she heard that I have teenagers, instantly asked me how old I was. I answered 37 (this was last year) and she asked me what my secret was since she was 10 years younger and had more signs of aging. I told her I use the Advanced Night Repair every night, no matter what. With a still shocked face she picked up a sample and swore she would use it from them on. 

Living Proof Perfect Hair Day Shampoo, Conditioner and 5 in 1 Styling treatment

Another restock item is the Living Proof line of haircare. I love the shampoo and conditioner but secretly I love the styling treatment the most. Even when I don't use this shampoo and conditioner (my day to day product is Redken All Soft) I still use this treatment before blow drying my hair. I skip days shampooing and I do think this product helps keep my hair looking good between washes, as well at providing protection from heat. 

I first bought the Living Proof system as a trial kit that I was using to travel with. I was headed out on a four day weekend and didn't want to check a bag. I asked a Sephora employee if they sold any small travel sizes of hair care and they instantly suggested the Perfect Hair Day trial system with small bottles of shampoo, conditioner, dry shampoo and styling treatment for $24. The thing about using the Perfect Hair Day system is it helps your hair look better with each use. I'm hooked and so is the rest of my house!

My plan is to add eyeshadow to my looks this summer. Eyeshadow has never really been my thing but I think that's because I never had the right palette! I played with a friend's Too Faced Sweet Peach eyeshadow and just loved how it looked. I like the idea of having some coral colours for summer and purples for fall (and to pair with my green eyes!)

Here's a few more of my favourites that I suggest you stock up on during the sale

Bobbi Brown 'Babe' Lipstick (I wore this all last summer!) 

Nars Orgasm (my fave blush for 10 years!)

Ole Henriksen 3 Little Wonders (great set if you want to try the brand)

Diorshow Iconic Overcurl (the only mascara I use)

Happy shopping!