Two Weeks and Counting with Store Bought Roses


This summer will be remembered as the time I totally nailed keeping my store bought flowers alive for an extended amount of time.

Usually I would buy some flowers from the florist section of my grocery store and I swear I could feel them wilting even on the ride home. They would look great on day one, still ok on day two but by day three, they were starting to fade. They wouldn't even make it a full week. I really didn't think that they were worth the cost if they only lasted 5-6 days. I stopped buying from the store and relied on my own garden as much as  I could.

Which because I have a small suburban garden, that didn't take me far! In fact, bringing in too many blooms from my Annabelle hydrangea plants meant that I took away too much of the old wood they bloom on the following year and last years flowers were sad to say the least. I've vowed to not remove any flowers this year which means I am back to store bought.

Sure I could go without having flowers in the house. I could also go without coffee, wine and designer purses but then life just wouldn't be worth living!

That meant I had to get smart. I talked with florists and asked their tips every time I bought a new bouquet. I read book after book on floral arranging (all checked out from the library) and I read every Pinterest page that promised long lasting blooms. Then I put what I had learned into practice. Some tips lead me down some weird paths, and some lead me straight to success!

My post on caring for hydrangeas was an instant hit! So many of you have messaged me to tell me how long your hydrangeas lasted. Just incredible! Now that we are switching into my favourite season, fall, (I know, a little early for some but here in Canada we have cool mornings and nights already!) the flowers now have to switch too.

I love roses. Who doesn't! Specifically, I love fall coloured roses. Yellow, orange, white and red were the colours of my wedding flowers! So while roses might be a traditional flower for Valentine's or summer, to me they scream fall. With my hydrangeas post, I tested my methods a few times before publishing but this time I am so certain of my success on just the first try I wanted to post right away!

And it's so simple, you'll wonder why you never considered it before (I know I did!)

1. Fill a sink or large bowl with enough water to place rose stems in to rest.
2. Using a clean vase, fill with lukewarm water and florist food.
3. Snip ends of rose stem while submerged in water. Let rest for 15 minutes.
4. Remove any leaves or greenery from bottom of stems. You don't want any greenery sitting in the vase water. This is key! At this point you can add an elastic band to the ends if you like. I find this helpful for when you get to step 6.
5. Arrange in vase and place in your home. Try to avoid direct sunlight.

Those steps will help keep your roses fresh for about 6 days.

Here's the tips you need to get two plus weeks out of your store bought roses!

6. After three days, remove roses and dump water. Clean the vase with soap, refill with cool water and place roses back.
7. On day six, repeat step 6 and this time, snips the ends of your roses.
8. Every 2-3 days, dump water and replace with cool water. At this point some of your greenery may turn brown. Remove them and keep the roses until petals start to fall off or they brown.


I remove the greenery, stem and all, once the brown spots really take over.

As a side note, roses smell amazing but not when they've reached two weeks. Changing the water often keeps them looking fresh but I noticed that when I went up close to smell my roses, they now have taken on a light foul odour. They still look great though so I'm keeping them out. The smell is only if you put nose to petal but I thought it was worth mentioning.

I'm on two weeks and a half weeks as of this post and hope to get at least a few more days out of them! Please let me know if you try this out and how many days you are able to keep your roses looking fresh!


*Note, the only photo editing here was toning down the warmth and adding some exposure. Since I took these photos indoors, the room was not very bright.