Can't Think of Any Boat Puns, Canoe?

algonquin park

Well that title reads like a bad dad joke, doesn't it?
I'm just terrible at these title puns but what I am good it is talking about outfits! So I'll keep my job as a fashion blogger and leave comedy to someone else.

ram trucks

Thanksgiving weekend was all about the great outdoors. We loaded up the new Ram 1500 (Reba or Big Red as the boys call her is my daily driver!) with Ivy, a canoe and Thanksgiving leftover sandwiches and we headed to Algonquin Park. It's been a trip almost 20 years in the making!

Even though it's not that far from me, about 4 & 1/2 hours, there just never seemed to be the right time to go. Now that we have the canoe and have been hitting up every local waterway, we were looking for something different. Specifically, we were looking for something colder. You read that right. We Canadians have ice in our veins and all summer long AMH, Ivy and I were melting in our canoe, to the point that we almost set up a few beach umbrellas in the straps meant for the paddles!

Instead we waited until we saw that the temperatures had dipped to the freezing mark in Algonquin and with warm clothing we set out on an adventure. How long will we continue to canoe for? As long as we possibly can. I can't wait for a gentle snowfall while out on the water. (Following all safety precautions of course!)


Over the summer I did run into one problem and that's footwear for canoeing. Running shoes got soaked, sandals won't work in the colder weather and boots are just too restricting. I had been wanting a pair of Duck Shoes just like the ones I wore growing up and well, this seemed like the perfect time for a pair. My friends at L.L.Bean sent a pair of the Rubber Mocs, which is their proper name, and their new Fair Isle Cardigan that we styled for yesterday's #WearItWednesday.

They also sent over two new bandannas for Ivy to replace the red one she chewed to shreds just a few weeks ago. It made it a whole year with her chewing on it constantly so I can't be too upset.


My hat & AMH's hat (c/o)


Ivy's bandanna (c/o) Ivy's life jacket

l.l.bean clothing

After we finished canoeing and having our lunch, we packed up the truck and left Algonquin in search of a less crowded hiking spot. Since I have never been to Algonquin before, I didn't know how popular this place can get! For a national park, it was packed with cars and people looking for that perfect selfie (I'm guilty of it myself). But this trip we wanted peace and quiet so we set out to find a great leaf peeping spot. 


And boy did we find it! Eagles Nest in Bancroft, Ontario had everything! A fantastic lookout to see the foliage (for the record, none of my photos have been retouched in anyway. I really wanted nature to truly shine here!) 




And there was a good amount of hiking for the Bernese Mountain Dog. It's so funny to see her natural instincts take over. This pup loves to climb mountains! 


My outfit:

I have been living in the Cotton Ragg Cardigan Fair Isle & Rubber Moc's since I received them. The cardigan has been great over my work clothes for the time the office has been chilly and I wear it over my pj's in the mornings when I take Ivy out for her walk. 

I've been having a lot of fun styling it different ways (y'all know I love getting that cost-per-wear down!) which I have found easy to do because there's just so many colours to match it with! It's also incredibly thick and warm and hint, hint, this would make a great gift as soon as the temperature drops. 

And I'm incredibly happy to be reunited with my old Duck Shoes. How I hated wearing them as a kid! 😆 It's funny, I've connected with a number of people on Instagram who all said the same thing, they hated them as a kid but love them as adults! I guess it's one of those things that you grow up to love, like brussel sprouts. I've also been told that many people also called them Duck Shoes and I've heard another few funny ones, Mini Bean Boots, Grandma's Mocs and the one that made me LOL, Rubber Uglies. 

They are just as comfortable as your Bean Boots, even more so if you account for that fact that they don't go up over your ankle. I knew from my old Bean Boots that comfort is the name of the game and I didn't feel the need to break them in before heading out on our outdoor adventure. I wore them all day, which started at 4 am and ended when we got home at 10 pm (we had a planned on staying in a cabin up north but those plans fell through last minute so we headed home). I was happy and comfortable the entire time. 

If you're thinking of picking up a pair, read my Bean Boots Buying Guide first. The sizing for the Mocs is the same as the Boots and this guild gives you what you need to know about selecting your size. 

The big difference with the Mocs, as opposed to the Bean Boots, is you can slip them on and off! Hallelujah! When Ivy wants to go outside, she wants to go right away so these have been great the last few weeks. I did get a few requests for advice on how to style them, especially while we are in the tricky sometimes warm, sometimes cold, fall weather. So far I can tell you that I have been wearing thick socks with my pants pulled down over top. Look for a few other ways to wear in a future blog post!

Thank you to L.L.Bean for gifting these items and for always making a top notch durable product!