#WearItWednesday - Sequin Pants for the Holidays

Today's #WearItWednesday was born out of a conversation about holiday dressing.

#WearItWednesday - Black Watch Blazer

#WearItWednesday - Black Watch Blazer

'Tis the season for wearing Black Watch!

L.L.Bean's Waterhog Rug - One Year Later Review

L.L.Bean's Waterhog Rug - One Year Later Review

The holiday season is coming up and that means lots of guests and lots of snowy shoes (and paws!)

Baby, It's Cold Inside


Apparently there's this thing called a power control panel on your furnace that can burn out leaving you without any heat on the first snowy day of the season. 

November's Sephora Rouge, VIB and Insider Sale

I've got the codes, the best buys for yourself, as gifts and everything else you need to know to shop Sephora's Rouge, VIB & Insider sale which starts right now!

Using Your Bumper Crop of Tomatoes

tomato recipes

Over the last few weeks our tomato plants have produced our largest fall haul yet!

#WearItWednesday - Black Jeans

black denim

Time to help a reader style a pair of black jeans for colder months. 

Caped Crusader

fall style

Look at me! I'm the caped crusader!