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Look at me! I'm the caped crusader! 

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Banana Republic Cape for Fall

How excited am I about wearing a cape? THIS EXCITED!

Cape (sold out, see below for similar items)
Oxford (c/o) | Jeans | Boots | Purse

I have long professed my love of vests because I love the range of motion they provide while still keeping me warm. Guess what? Capes do just that but the style is much more elevated than a vest! And you know me, I'll take any excuse to dress up! 

I am a total bargain hunter which is how I came across this Banana Republic cape on clearance. It was last year's style and no longer available in store, but I have seen it across a few clothing resellers (like Poshmark) Originally priced at $248, I paid $30. That's right. 30 bucks. It had me jumping for joy! 

Sadly they don't have any more capes available online but Talbots does. They have three right now that would be perfect for the next few months (depending on how much snow your area gets) They are just an easy way to elevate a simple look. For a day of driving to Detroit I wore jeans, an oxford and riding boots. Nothing too exciting. But the cape adds just enough to make this simple outfit totally chic! 

A thin layer was just fine on this slightly chilly day but now we are moving into the oh it feels like it's going to snow weather and a thin shirt will not do. A thick knitted sweater in cream or white will be my go to with jeans, and a thick red sweater with black pants and heels for the first of many holiday gatherings (they're starting so early this year!) 

There is one word of caution that I'll share when wearing a cape. A shoulder bag just won't do. IT is quite difficult to get a strap up over your shoulder when the cape arm opening only opens so far. Wear a tote with long handles like I did or a clutch would work well. 

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