Gyökér Hair Evolúció Scalp Facial Review


Over the weekend I headed to Oakville to visit the newly opened Gyökér Hair Evolúció for a scalp facial. (scroll to the bottom for a discount code for your first visit!)

Life is funny sometimes and I'm really starting to believe that what you put out in the universe will come back to you. Such is the case with meeting the owner of Gyökér Hair Evolúció. I decided to grow out my hair about a year ago, just in time for my hair to stop growing and start falling out. I've done my best to skip washing days and to rely on my dry shampoo but the itchy scalp, especially in these dry winter months, has been brutal. So brutal that while scratching my head last week, I actually started to bleed.

And just like that I got a message from Teo, the owner of Gyökér Hair Evolúció, who asked if I would be her guest and try out the service before their big grand opening this coming Thursday. A quick read through of the website and I was sold. The scalp facial is a holistic approach to helping those with thinning, falling out hair, dandruff and damaged hair. Their Instagram profile reads "Healthy hair grows from a healthy scalp and root. Natural, chemical-free hair repair." I was willing to try anything to help my hair and scalp health and really, what could be better than having someone else wash, massage and blow dry your hair. 

Plus I really do love Oakville so it's not a hard sale to get me to visit. When my boys were young we lived in nearby Mississauga and would spend one day a week in Oakville. The main street is filled with brand name shops and small businesses. Oakville always seems to get the newest stores, like the recently opened L.L.Bean and Whole Foods (my kids loved getting their mac & cheese lunch there) and when you see a beauty treatment get popular in LA and NY, it's first stop north of the border is usually Oakville. 

There have been rumblings about scalp facials for a while. It's popular in KBeauty (that's Korean Beauty) and if it's popular there you know it will be popular here, too. All great beauty treatments and products start there and that's where the scalp facial originated. 

Alright, let's jump into the treatment and I'll give you my thoughts on the process and how I'm feeling a few days later. Here's the steps we followed for the scalp facial

- scalp + hair microscopic analysis
- relaxation / blood circulation
- deep cleansing / detoxification
- nourishing treatment / consultation

Scalp + hair microscopic analysis - We started by discussing the results of my intake questionnaire, where I highlighted that my concerns were hair loss, itching and stunted growth. Then there was a microscopic analysis of my scalp and hair using an advanced automatic analysis software. I loved this intersection of beauty and technology. You can't fight computer results! 

scalp treatment

What we learned is that I was suffering with incredibly dry skin, clogged hair follicles/pores and build up on the hair strand. A new one for me is that I am suffering with dandruff! I had no idea! The image on the left is my head, showing lots of clogged hair follicles and build up. The right is an example of a healthy looking scalp. This is what we're going to be working towards.

Relaxation / blood circulation - Now we have an idea of what we're dealing with, time to actually deal with it! I changed into a robe and settled into a chair.

scalp facial

We started with some aroma mist therapy and foot and calf massage with a stationary shiatsu foot massager (that I loved so much I'm buying one for father's day!) then a neck and shoulder galvanic massage with a hot towel finish.

Deep cleansing / detoxification - The treatment started with some scalp and pore scaling and deep cleansing and galvanic stimulation therapy which is an ion deep pore exfoliation. 

Gyökér Hair Evolúció Scalp Facial Review

Then the coolest part, the ozone treatment / “nano” mist steam

ozone hair treatment

Ozone therapy has a germicidal effect that helps in eliminating flaking and itching by destroying fungus. It improves blood circulation, stimulates hair follicles and encourages hair re-growth. Think of all the times you have gone to bed with wet hair. Yup, fungus grows on hair. Gross. As a self diagnosed germaphobe, I was quite happy to learn about this treatment.

We followed the ozone treatment with a shampoo of Gyökér's our natural solution, aqua acupuncture therapy and deep conditioning. 

Nourishing treatment / consultation - After blow drying about 80%, they applied a scalp serum of natural vitamin/nutrients composite; hyaluronic acid, salicylic acid, panthenol, etc. The galvanic penetration (iontophoresis) uses negative ion (anion) to infuse the scalp tonic deep into follicles and roots. Blow dry to finish. Then we headed back to the computer for another microscopic analysis and for the before and after comparison

Gyökér Hair Evolúció Scalp Facial Review

Soooooo much better! You can actually see my hair follicles now! After viewing my after results we talked through my hair and scalp conditions and they provided me with some recommendations for home care. The main one being that I shouldn't worry about trying to skip so many washing days because I'm just causing all sorts of scary build up. I'm going back to an every other day wash cycle.

Gyökér Hair Evolúció Scalp Facial Review

My hair felt lighter than it has, well, ever! My scalp tingled in a way that can only mean it is really clean. You can see how much lift my hair has, that's because it's not weighed down anymore. Yes it's a pleasant spa like experience but it's also doing some good work and I love that with the use of computer technology we can see some actual results.

A few days on now and I've washed and dried my hair at home and I am still noticing that super clean scalp feeling and a noticeable lift in my hair. Probably the funniest thing I have noticed is that I can actually feel the bristles of my hair brush on my scalp! It's so strange to know that you have brushed your hair probably thousands of times and yet you never really felt the bristles before. My hair feels softer and looks shinier. I ran into some friends who didn't know I had the treatment but instantly recognized that my hair looked better.

I'm adding this to my seasonal beauty regiments. Spring is the time that I start gearing up for summer fun so I like to get a facial and check in on how my skin is doing, I'll get a mani/pedi and refresh some make up. Now, I'll be adding this a scalp facial to my list. I'm penciling this in for summer and again before the busy holiday season starts. I'm even getting AMH in on the action! This is a great treatment for men, especially those that have short, thinning hair and use a lot of product daily.

I'll keep you updated on how my hair is doing around the time of my next treatment. I'm hoping to see some more hair growth, less hair loss and a much cleaner scalp.

And if you would also like to try out this treatment, I have a 10% off discount code for you! Just book your scalp massage with Gyökér Hair Evolúció and use code Rox.A.10 and save 10%.

Gyökér Hair Evolúció Service Menu

Scalp Facial for Her (1 hr) $90
Scalp Facial for Her with Dyson Blowout (1 hr 20 min) $120 (This is the treatment I had)

Scalp Facial for him (50 mins) $80
Scaling detox Scalp Facial for Him (1 hr) $90

This service was provided complimentary. All opinions are my own.