Coffee Table Books You'll Actually Read!

coffee table books

During this isolation time I've found myself reading all the coffee table books I've bought over the years.

Some I bought because I loved the content, others were bought because I thought they would look good styled on the coffee table. Now they are all getting a read and if you're looking for something other than baking banana bread or watching tv during this isolation time, may I suggest picking up a book you've got on your coffee table and giving it a read. And if you are lacking in something to read, here's a few of my suggestions!


Hudson's Bay - There are a ton of coffee table books both big and small on the history of this Canadian company. I am currently working my way through Empire of the Bay an Illustrated History of the Hudson's Bay Company that I purchased at a vintage book store last Christmas. On my last instore trip to HBC I missed out buying The Blanket which is a small coffee table book on the history of the point blankets. They are currently sold out online so we'll have to wait until life gets back to normal to add this one.

Other great historical books to look for; Ford Motor Company, Windows at Tiffany & Co., All American Ads of the 90s, and photography books from a certain period such as The Great Depression.


Floret Farm's Cut Flower Garden has been a breath of fresh air lately. I've been using some of my quiet moments to plan out my flower beds once the snow stops flying (it's actually snowing again today!) and this book has been with me all the way. I ordered some of Floret Farm's sweet pea seeds and started to build a space to grow them. I can't wait to use what I learned in this book to grow my own for harvesting. They released a new book A Year In Flowers just a few weeks ago and I just bought it on sale this morning for 40%! Score!

Martha Stewart's Martha's Flowers, Gardening 101, Arranging Flowers and Gardening. Frankly, any Martha Stewart book is great for the coffee table because the cover art is always something special and they are excellent reads. I am particularly fond of her older books that I've found while thrifting and antiquing over the years. Some of my favourites were purchased for only $2!


Dior's The Little Dictionary of Fashion A handbook that was originally published in 1954 and is still considered a staple for it's well organized and sensible fashion tips. It's also a beautiful rosey colour and looks great on every table.

Aerin Lauder Beauty At Home This is probably my most read book on my coffee table right now. It's interesting to learn about Aerin's career path and how her famous family played into that, all the while forging her own identity, style and company. There's so much blue & white at play in her interiors which explains why I revisit it so often.

Vogue The Jewellery Really any of the Vogue coffee table books will do; Vogue at The Met, Vogue Covers, Vogue 100, but Vogue The Jewellery which is on pre-order for the July 7th release promises to be a showcase of incredible, once in a lifetime jewels. Basically, pure eye candy. Let's hope we're not still in isolation this July and you can buy the book more for the beautiful minty cover to style on your coffee table.


Maud Lewis Paintings For Sale, Our Maud When I'm feeling uninspired or motivated, I turn to art. Usually that's visiting a gallery in person but since we can't do that right now, let's get our dose of inspiration through a book! Our Maud is a look at Maud's art and life. Her paintings take on even more significance when you read about her personal history. Paintings For Sale is picture book of her most famous works

Colville This is a coffee table staple for me. The cover art looks great with anything you are styling around it and even better is the content! Lots of works from the master Alex Colville, a personal favourite Canadian artist.


Gray Malin's Beaches, Escape & Italy Not much more to say other than pure eye candy. The photos are crisp and colourful with a touch of whimsy.

National Geographic Visual Atlas of the World Need a little inspiration for your first trip out of quarantine? I'm sure this will help you find one! Nat Geo is known for their incredible photography and this book is no exception. Read through carefully and plan out your next trip or skim when you just need a few moments of rest.