The Celebrating This Life Shop Is Now Open!

blue and white home decor

We're finally open for business, the Celebrating This Life shop is now live! 

To make things easy, or confusing depending on how you look at it, the shop will be on our brand name followed by .com ( and the blog will be on the .ca ( 

The answer to why I decided to go this route is very simple. It was the only thing I could figure out with my limited knowledge. I own both and in the past have directed both extensions to the blog. When I was setting up the new store, this just seemed to be the easiest way to keep both going. 

Canadian small business

It was also time for a new logo. Of course it's in blue and white and showcases our name, which has always tried to be a reminder to make every single day special in some way. Now we've added a star. 

Why a star? Well, I love stars and I love the concept of a north star always being a steady constant. Our shop is all about colourful and classic style. We won't veer away from that, our founding principal, and follow trends. We are constant and will always strive to provide the most classic items we can find. I firmly believe in decorating your home once and then spending the rest of your time enjoying it! Trendy decor is fun at the time but replacing it when a new trend comes along is wasteful and costly. 

There's also the association with the north being Canada. I'm Canadian and proud to start a company in this great country. No matter where I roam, Canada will always be my home and the north star will always guide me back. Our star symbol also has a touch of nautical flare to it and who doesn't love all things nautical!

But enough about that, I know what you're thinking...what is in this shop?

blue and white shop

Well I'm starting out by stocking all the blue and white I have been secretly buying over the past year or so in anticipation of this shop opening. I plan on adding new items every few weeks, like the highly requested square scarves and vintage yet modern dresses I am known for. 

I'm taking this slow and I want to be really intentional with what I stock. I'm also highly focused on catering to my Canadian audience. In the past few days I've received so many requests for things to carry in the shop like throw blankets, bedding, dresses and sweaters, bags, the list goes on. I hear you and I'm working on it. For now the plan is to offer vintage items while I work out how to create my own product lines. And you better believe I will be coming and asking YOU for feedback on what needs to be created. Because only a fellow Canadian can understand how difficult it is to find colourful and classic items here. (Don't worry my US & UK friends, we still plan on shipping out to you as well!) 

I'll still be blogging here so no need to worry that the blog is going away. It is just going to be a little different than before. Less outfit and travel posts from me, more on how to style items you can purchase in the shop and I'll be sharing more inspiration photos. The last few blog posts were all inspo photos and I heard you loud and clear that you'd like to see more of that. 

Stick around friends, the next little while is going to be fun! 

Shop the Celebrating This Life collection here. Everything is vintage and one of a kind so hurry because when it's gone, it's gone!