Classy Camo - Camo Styles For Fall

Classy Camo

We stopped at Bass Pro Shops *one time* and now I'm all about camo styles for fall! But y'all know I needed to find a way to make camo classy and I'm going to show you how, too! 

Yes, camo clothing has long been associated with military, hunting and to be blunt, rednecks. But did you know there's another group called "Prep Necks"? 


Someone who is preppy yet can be somewhat redneck at times. They appear to be preppy but like doing a lot of the same activities rednecks do.

"Wow look at that prepneck, he's wearing a polo shirt but is watching a truck pull at a fair."

It's associated quite often with those who grew up in and around the countryside (Southern States or anywhere outside of Toronto) 

I have to admit that prep neck feels more accurate for me these days. With 2020 being the total shit show that it is, I have been looking to comfy clothes and ways to get the heck out of the city. We bought a trailer (redneck) but it's decorated with stuff from Pottery Barn and Hudson's Bay (preppy) so I'm fully embracing the prepneck title right now. 

I bought the camo joggers in the photo above from Old Navy. I was totally influenced by my hubby, AMH, who bought a sweater from them and after borrowing it from him one cool morning I was hooked. So now I have the ladies style sweater and joggers, although you won't see me wearing them together as I'm still trying to hold onto some of the prep and not go fully redneck. 

And thanks to 2020's mask policies around Ontario, I purchased a pack of camo and sky blue tie dye masks. I've tried a few different styles of mask and this one is hands down the best. I've got my boys and AMH using them too and they love them. 

So that had me doing a little internet searching and buying. Below I've got a number of camo styles and items that totally fall into the prepneck category. 

Classy Camo - Camo Styles For Fall

Camo Vintage Crew-Neck Sweater | Camo Tapered Leg Joggers | Camo Canvas D'Orsay Flats

Camo Face Masks | Lee Riders Ankle Pants | Camo Duffle Bag | Pablo Tote - Woodland Camo

Camo Rain Jacket | Timex CamoCamo Birkenstock's | Camo iPhone Case | Camo Yeti

And I couldn't just leave you with a list of what you can buy right now, I wanted to show you how to style with the preppy items you have in your closet right now! 

Classy Camo - Camo Styles For Fall

Navy blazer | Tory Burch Flats & Lee Radziwill Leather Bag | Rockstuds | Patagonia Vest

L.L.Bean Camo Tote (add your monogram in orange!) | Wine Leggings | Veja 12 Sneakers

Grateful Dead Canvas Tote (another marker of a prep neck!)

So....are you ready to try some camo styles for fall? Do you think camo can be classy?