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Celebrating This Life aims to add a little colour and fun to your day through fashion finds, travel recommendations, beauty tips and decor inspiration. Celebrating This Life is run as a daily online lifestyle magazine. Here you will find outfit inspiration, new books to read and maybe a new recipe or two! 


Hello, I'm Rox-Anne. Nice to e-meet you! I'm a wife and mom to two teenage boys and two Bernese Mountain Dogs. Our home is filled with love, busy schedules and lots of dog hair. 

I started Celebrating this Life in 2014 as a way to document my family’s adventures and travels. I was sharing recommendations through social media and thought that maybe it would be best to put it all together in a blog. As time went on, I decided to incorporate all of my passions. Soon I was sharing my recent fashion finds, my favourite new beauty products, and my thoughts on every day things. 

It sounds cliche but Celebrating This Life is the creative outlet I was looking for while working in a totally different field. Working on this blog I have been able to combine all the things I am truly passionate about like writing, photography, styling looks and products, social media management and of course, fashion and travel! In my dream scenario I would blog full-time as well as design and create my own clothing, while living on a few acres of land in the country and travelling to exotic locations monthly. Wouldn't we all! The reality is that I live in a suburb of a city with a small but beautiful garden, producing content for this blog on weekends and writing in the wee hours of the morning before putting in a full days work and travelling when budgets and vacation time allows. Just like many of you. 

I love using the words 'attainable inspiration' and it's the phrase that guides this blog. I am a real person, with real responsibilities and I try my absolute best to live within my means. I'm just an average person and my promise to you is I will always share things on this blog that are attainable and not aspirational. That means you will see some clothing items restyled and lots of budget friendly options. Sure I could include links to thousand dollar dresses and jewellery but my thought on it is, if I wouldn't pay for it, why would I include it? This is why you will always find links to sunglasses for under $25 (I myself refuse to pay anymore than that for something I will either break or lose) and many other items at budget friendly prices. If I splurge on a particular item (like my purses. I can't help myself!) I will include a few similar options at every price point.

If I had to describe my personal style I would say feminine and colourful. I am a lover of dresses, pink lipstick, bright colours and above all, being comfortable. Every outfit I photograph is something that I have worn that day, so you know it has to be comfortable. I would never stay in something that didn't feel right! My home is filled with blue and white (literally, I just painted my walls blue and white!) and I don't think I'll ever part with my old brown leather couch. I love it to pieces. I am heavily influenced by English manor homes but I always want my home to look lived in, cozy and welcoming.

The last thing I think anyone should know about me is I love fall. Like a lot. Like as much as I enjoy the other four seasons (the best part of living in the North!) is really do wish it was always fall. Thanksgiving is my favourite holiday and I celebrate both the Canadian (in early October) and American (late November) thanksgivings. They both present unique decorating opportunities and I'll use any excuse to make a turkey and pumpkin pie.

One last thing, I do use affiliate links to point you to the item I am speaking about. I earn a small commission and there is never any cost to you. I also accept sponsorship opportunities from brands that I truly love and feel comfortable sharing with you, my dear reader. They are clearly marked with a c/o (care of). Never fear, all opinions will always be my own. I think you might already know that I am a pretty opinionated person so this isn't a problem for me! 

Welcome to Celebrating this Life, I'm so happy to have you here!

xx Rox-Anne

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