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High Medium Low - Slippers

This morning I woke up, grabbed my slippers and robe, turned on the kettle, and let the dogs outside. While I was standing on the back deck with the dogs I realized that I better swap out my summer slippers and robe for a much warmer version. There was frost on the ground and that wind...chilled me right to my bones! I immediately headed to my computer, hot tea in hand, to look for a warm pair of slippers that will keep me warm in the mornings. Let's check out a few High Medium Low - Slippers.


High Medium Low - Bar cart

It's been a while since I shared a High Medium Low roundup. Inspired by yesterday's blog post about my deck style, I'm sharing my favourite bar carts!


Chris Earl - Bar cart $1650 US


Society Social - Madison Mixer $700 $625 US on sale


Target - Lanai Serving Cart $209.99 $188.99 US on sale

And once you have your bar cart you need all the accessories like...

these adorable coasters

and your going to need this bar set
3 piece $59

and this little guy will add a much needed touch of whimsy to your bar cart!

High Medium Low - Warm Winter Coats

High - L.L. Bean $299 US

Medium - Columbia $187.49 CAN (currently on sale! Reg. $249)

Low - Bench $99.99 CAN (Also on sale! Reg. $289)

Man, it's chilly out there (and I hope all my friends on the East Coast made out ok after winter storm Jonas). Right now is a great time to buy a new, warm winter coat. There are a few sales going in, two of the three coats above are on major sale! 

I've been doing really well and sticking to some health and fitness goals I made at the beginning of the year. AMH and I have been walking the dogs for 11 km's No matter how freaking cold it is out there. But there is a silver lining, all the cold weather walking lead to today's High Medium Low post! 

My requirements were fairly simple; they need to keep you warm in cold temperatures, have a great reputation for quality, and they needed to have a hood. The wind has been extra biting the last few days and my hood has been a total lifesaver. 

I love L.L.Bean for their great reputation of quality, customer service and their return policies. I'd love to put this coat to the Canadian winter test! 

Columbia is a brand I have trusted since the late 90's. I first bought one of their coats fresh out of high school and have entrusted them to keep my entire family warm throughout the years. My boys have always loved their coats for their warmth and for the variety of colour options. 

Bench is a brand that everyone around me raves about, but I have personally not owned one. I consulted with a few friends before selecting this one and they all said it was their best purchase this winter. I love the style and the understated pink colour. 

What coat are you currently wearing to keep you warm? Are their any warm winter coats currently on your wish list?

High Medium Low - Monogrammed Mugs

High - (top) Jonathan Adler $18 (bottom) Kate Spade @Macy's $15

Medium - (top) Marks & Spencer £6 (bottom) Williams-Sonoma $10.36 (20% off, sale on now)

Low - (top) Anthropologie $8 (bottom) World Market $5.99

All prices in US dollars unless otherwise noted

I am a self admitted mug-hoarder who is especially drawn to monogrammed ones. They are adorable and a good way to know which mug is yours! They also make the perfect gift for that 'hard-to-buy-for' family member or friend. You can gift the mug on it's own, or make it the centerpiece in a gift basket. Add your favourite tea, coffee or hot chocolate and include a few cookies. Wrap in cellophane, tie with some pretty ribbon and your are all ready for gift giving!

I already have the Williams-Sonoma mug and I bought the Kate Spade one on Black Friday (no discount though). I really don't need another one but...I would add any of the other mugs to my ever growing collection! 

Which one is your favourite?

High Medium Low - Fall Scents

High - Estee Lauder Modern Muse 50 ml $90 at The Bay

Medium - Brooks Brothers Madison 100 ml $70 US

Low - Thierry Mugler Angel 0.23 oz travel spray $28 at Sephora

I have always enjoyed living in a place that has distinct seasons. Spring is a time for rejuvenation, summer is all about enjoying the outdoors, fall, my favorite time, is about crisp air and winter is the time to enjoy the indoors bundled under blankets by a fire. Celebrating these individual seasons doesn't just stop at seasonal clothing and home decor, it's the perfect time to change up your perfume! For this month's High Medium Low we are delving into the smoky sweet world of fall scents.

It was very easy for me to come up with today's selections, I didn't need to look any further than my own perfume collection! My signature scent is Chanel No.5 however, I have quite a few other fragrances at home for special occasions or just to mix it up! I wear perfume everyday, even the days when I am at home in my pj's watching movies all day long!

Estee Lauder's Modern Muse is a warm scent (soft musk & amber wood) balanced out with floral notes (jasmine, lily and tuberose) for a scent that is perfect for everyday wear. I had a small sample of this perfume and loved it so much I found myself wearing it everyday until the bottle ran out. A full bottle is at the top of my shopping list.

Brooks Brothers Madison is described as "feminine, flirty and glamorous" and I couldn't agree more. Again we find a fragrance that has the contrast of warm notes (Tuscan leather and spicy pink saffron) with floral notes (night-blooming jasmine, pink peony and purple rose maroc) that make for a surprisingly light and fresh fragrance. I fell in love with this fragrance during my last in-store visit, I am actually wearing it today! The website only offers one size but that last time I was in Brooks Brothers they had smaller sizes available. Perfect for trying out a fragrance before committing to a larger bottle. 

I cheated a little on the 'Low' selection but there is a very good reason. Thierry Mugler's Angel is a strong and powerful scent. With notes like bergamont, patchouli, red berries and chocolate, it can be very heavy and it will be noticed by those around you. While I absolutely love this warm scent, I have found that wearing a patchouli based perfume in a small office is not always well received. Knowing that it is a perfume that I will only wear on nights out or on the weekends, I chose to purchase the smallest size and the travel spray is perfect for that. And since it is under 100 ml you can throw it into a carry on when flying! 

Do you like to match your scents to the seasons? What fragrances are you wearing right now?

All prices in Canadian dollars unless otherwise noted.

High Medium Low - Striped Shirts

I love reading High, Medium & Low columns. Magazines, websites and bloggers have them for everything from clothing to home decor to real estate to you name it. I'm jumping on an already established bandwagon and posting my own high/medium/low column, starting with striped shirts. Ah, the striped shirt. So easy to wear and yet so hard to find a perfect one. Sometimes the colors are not exactly what you want, too much detail or too few, or the material just isn't what you had hoped. For the inaugural HML (oh yeah, I'm calling it that now) I did a lot of research and didn't choose items just because of the price, I read reviews and internet comments. They had to fit a very scientific criteria of wearability (did it get good reviews), cute-ability (has to look nice right?) and purchasability (basically would I buy the item myself if I had a black AMEX). Like I said, very scientific. Without further ado, HML Striped Shirts

High - Petit Bateau $150

Medium - EM +ME £48 This is the same shirt Kate Middleton wears!

Low - Land's End $19.67 CAN On sale from 68.89 Now is the time to buy!