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How To Clean Your L.L.Bean Boat and Tote Bags


How To Clean Your L.L.Bean Boat and Tote Bags

In today's post I'll be sharing how to clean your L.L.Bean Boat and Tote bags just in time for the busy fall and holiday season!

Two Weeks and Counting with Store Bought Roses


This summer will be remembered as the time I totally nailed keeping my store bought flowers alive for an extended amount of time.

Cleaning Your L.L.Bean Boat and Totes


The legendary L.L.Bean Boat and Tote takes a real beating in my family and the question of how to clean them came up last summer. 

Summer Concerts

jean jacket lilly pulitzer

Summer + live music = Pure bliss

Tips For Taking Photos of Dogs Over The Holidays

dog photography

Do you plan on spending your holidays taking photos of your dog?

My Summer Fitness Journey

get fit for summer

The start of a new month and the realization that summer will be here before we know it inspired me to take up a new fitness regime.

Self Care This Winter

self care

Self care was a major buzz word this season. It seemed like every company was promoting a new self care service and every person I know was looking at ways to pamper themselves.

My Dry January Experience

lacroix water

It seemed like everywhere you turned this month, people were talking about Dry January. It's a relatively new concept, a creation of the UK's public health to, well, get people to give up drinking for the month of January. I myself fell into this month long booze ban purely by accident, but that doesn't make my results any less amazing. 

Favourite Buys of 2017

masks, sephora

This is a post that I saw many of my friends and fellow bloggers put together and I thought I would add my thoughts to the conversation.

Princess Margaret Lotto Home Designed By Brian Gluckstein


Last week I had the immense pleasure of meeting Mr. Brian Gluckstein and was able to tour the home that he designed for the Princess Margaret Cancer Centre Home Lottery. For those not familiar, the Princess Margaret Cancer Centre is a world class cancer research facility and teaching hospital in Toronto, Ontario. Each year donors give generously through product, expertise and time which can be won by purchasing a ticket. This is all in the hopes of raising funds to allow the good doctors of PMCC to continue their work. They see more than 1,000 patients a day and more than 400,000 a year. 

How to Paint Your Bicycle


This is something I have wanted to do for a few years. My bicycle was a gift from my father-in-law. You see, he bought this amazing Peugeot bike and only used it a few times. In fact, the only time it ever got used was when I asked to ride it when we would visit (he lives in the country and my boys and I loved to ride through the streets to visit the cows on the side of the road). Eventually on one trip he finally said that I should just take it home with me, of which I didn't even bother to try and fake "oh no, I couldn't possibly accept", I was jumping for joy! I love that darn bicycle so much there was no way I was going to give him an out! Haha, he's always been very generous and had no problem letting the bike go.

Cleaning Your Converse


Everyone and their mother is wearing the all white Converse running shoes right now (literally, my mom and I have the same pair!) so it will come as no surprise when I say that Converse is one of America's most iconic footwear companies. I first started wearing Converse during the grunge era. That's right, a black pair of one stars with Nirvana playing in the background. I wore those shoes until they fell apart and then bought another pair!

As I got older, my footwear became decidedly more girlie. Gone were the grunge shoes, replaced by pink sneakers and ballet flats. AMH never strayed. We met as teenagers and through the years I have watched him buy new Chuck Taylors, vintage Chuck Taylors, high top Chuck Taylors, All Star Chuck get the point. I'd like to tell you it was his guidance that brought me back into the fold. I'd like to tell you that because it's better then the real story with is I bought them a few summers ago because they were flooding my Instagram feed and I Had.To.Have.Them!

I have the Chuck Taylor All Star Dainty Low Top, otherwise known as the official shoe of every blogger and Instagram star. They were a relatively cheap buy at only $65 Canadian ($49.95 US). I also bought a package of new ankle socks so they wouldn't show when wearing cropped jeans (my fave look with my Converse) or even with dresses.

There is just one problem with the all-white Converse shoes...they get dirty! I swear, every puddle and falling droplet will find your shoes. I wore mine walking around Camden Market in London, England last summer and a big black blob of I still don't even know what leapt from the cobblestone road and landed on my shoes. I wanted to spit nails. I tried a little spot cleaning at the time but that wasn't cutting it. I continued to wear my shoes for another year, collecting dirt and grime and finally this weekend decided that they needed a good cleaning. I read a few things on the interwebs and Pinterest but I just didn't have the time to devote to all the steps they were advising. It was then that I remembered the success I had using Oxi Clean White Revive (I swear this isn't an ad for them, I just freaking love the product!). I first bought Oxi Clean when I bought a red and white striped dress. After the first wash the red seeped into the white lines. After a good soak in Oxi Clean it looked great!

I made these simple steps up myself on the fly and think the 'after' is pretty darn good! And most importantly, I didn't spend too much time doing it!


I removed the laces from the shoes and placed them in a small plastic container.

I gave my shoes a good banging to make sure there wasn't any loose dirt on them. I placed them in a large silver bowl with the soles facing up.

I dumped one large scoop of Oxi Clean White Revive into the silver bowl and a 1/4 scoop into the bowl with the laces. I filled both with hot tap water and set them aside.


After four hours, I removed the laces, rinsed them in my kitchen sink and hung them to dry.

I also removed the shoes from the water filled bowl and threw them into the washing machine with a few colour-safe beach towels. I added a half scoop of the Oxi Clean to the wash and just a touch of regular laundry detergent. I ran the delicate cycle and removed them as soon as the machine finished.

I placed them on the floor in front of a bright window (since it rained all last weekend) and air dried them. That's it! No scrubbing, no lemon and baking soda paste, no toothbrush scrubbers.

So now you tell me, do you think the Converse look clean?

White running shoes

Dirty - No flash on my camera


Clean - No flash on my camera


Dirty - Flash


Clean - Flash
I'm pretty happy with the results and even happier that thanks to Oxi Clean, I didn't have to do much! I've worn them since they've been washed and they feel as good as new. The canvas was crispy at first but soften after a few minutes of wearing them. There is still one little stain that didn't come out but I'm fine with that. Since I don't wear them every day I figure I can wear them for a few more summers. I plan on doing this cleaning trick at the beginning of next summer so I can fully enjoy my bright, white and most importantly, clean Converse!

Carefree Summer

jean shorts

Summer is the time to slow down, act a little more carefree and just enjoy the warm sunshine (especially for us Canadians and Northern States folks who have to suffer through terrible winters just to get these few months of bliss!)

Cruisin' on King with our 1970 Mercury Montego


It's time I introduce you to the newest member of the Celebrating This Life family, our vintage 1970 Mercury Montego!

July Reading List

Reading list

Our July reading list is here and all I can say is, beach reads! When I started this reading list a few months ago my intention was to read five books for pleasure before I and many of you have to get back to the reality of school both for ourselves and our kids in the fall. I started May off with a few books I had piled up (and had been putting off) a historical biography, a business book, a sappy romance and a few beauty and wellness books.

Can't Talk Right Now, I'm Meeting Martha


I'm taking a few days off to road trip with my mom to Westport, Connecticut to meet the one and only Martha Stewart.

June Reading List

summer books

I can't believe it's June already! This year is really blowing by and I hope it slows down a little so we can all enjoy #Summer17

Spring Gardening

The first day back after a long weekend is usually a little rough for me, but not this time! Here in Canada we just celebrated the Victoria Day long weekend (better know as the May 2-4 weekend) and we all had yesterday off to spend time with our families, set off a few fireworks and work in our gardens. The May 2-4 weekend is know as the official opening to garden season as the threat of frost at night has finally passed.

Photography Tips for Blogging

Well I had an interesting day last week. Early Thursday morning I was setting up to take a few photos of just random things in my living room. I placed my camera, a Nikon D3200 DSLR aka the thing that rarely leaves my hand, on my kitchen island. Now, it had been a busy week. You can always tell when things are busy in our house because our island was piled up with stuff. Of course, I'm sure you can figure out what happened next. I walked away, bumping the island full of stuff and my camera went crashing to the floor. I'm usually so careful with it. I've only dropped it maybe one other time in the three years I've had it and I figured it would be ok. It wasn't. The lens was bent and would not retract. I did what anyone rational person would do. I freaked out! I am one of those terribly annoying people that takes photos everyday, how one earth would I survive or run my blog without a camera?

I called AMH who is the most rational person I have ever met (we are the perfect team, he's calm and I'm not) and he just said very matter of factly "Go buy another one. Mistakes happen". Yeah, okay, mistakes happen but this one was going to cost me. $349 plus tax to be exact. In all honestly I have been feeling that I have outgrown my lens, it was the starter 18-55mm that came with my DSLR and I was unhappy with the lack of zoom. We go to so many baseball games and my old lens just couldn't zoom in on the players. It was especially frustrating when my husband's point and shoot had a better zoom range than mine!

While I do enjoy taking photos (I have over 50,000 on my Mac!) professional status is not what I am after. The lens I upgraded to is a 55-200mm and boy can it zoom! I feel like Jimmy Stewart in Rear Window (or Bart doing the same on The Simpsons). Even though I am not looking to become a professional photographer, I have done quite a bit of research on how best to use my camera. When I bought it I had no idea how to even turn it on! I read blogs, watched YouTube videos and spoke with knowledgable friends. Now I have a bit of knowledge and even understand a little "photographer speak".

If you're looking to start a blog or just trying to take better photos, here are a few of the tips that I swear by.

Shoot on Aperture for that "blogger shot"

Once you're comfortable shooting on automatic, try your hand at aperture. This is where you can get some of those great photos you see where the person or object in the foreground is focused and the background is blurry. Also known as the photo all fashion bloggers hope to achieve.

The Lion is in focus and the background is blurry
The trick with this one is to hold your camera steady (always good advice no matter what!) and push the shutter button (that's the button that takes the photo) halfway down to get it to focus. If the dots in your viewfinder are focusing on something other than what you want, move the camera slightly and keep trying until those dots focus on what you want. Then snap away! When I am out with my husband or kids snapping outfit photos we take 10 or so shots in each pose. On a typical shoot, I end up with 100-150 photos and I edit them down to 8-10 of the very best.

The rule of thirds

Where would Instagram be without the rule of thirds? Once you know this rule you see it everywhere! As soon as I read about it, I noticed in every professional photo, IGers photos and even on the tv news! The trick is you want your main object in one third of your photo. I also learned that when editing photos of people, have the grid intersection cross at the person's eye, just like in the photo below

the rule of thirds

See how the upper third intersection runs across my eye? That's what you're going for. It doesn't work for every photo and not every photo needs it. But it sure is a handy trick!

Lighting is everything!

I mentioned this in yesterday's post but lighting really is everything. You don't want to be tucked away in the shadows but you don't want to be in direct sunlight either. It's a bit of a game to play which is why it's important to snap more than a few photos in each pose, and check your work through the monitor on your camera.

Another phrase you will need to know is "golden hour". This is approximately an hour before sunset when the sky and everything is all aglow. This is the best time for taking photos as everything the light touches will be lit with this incredible warm glow. There are apps that you can download, for a fee, that will tell you the exact time to shoot in and I know a few bloggers who swear by it. I on the other hand prefer to get my information for free by using sites like this one. This site tells me that tonight the golden hour will be precisely 8 pm, so I would be in my chosen shooting location approximately 45 minutes before hand. I'll snap a few photos once I get to the location and either work with them, or wait until 8 and start snapping again.


The Oldest and I shot the above photo last week in our local park at 7 pm. You can see the glow from the sun lighting me, the grass and the trees. On this night we actually ran into a few other photographers capturing this light, we all shared time taking photos on the bridge! As the nights get longer in the summer, the opportunity to capture this light increases. The worst is the winter when the sun sets at 4pm and for someone like me who works full time, I have very few opportunities to shoot my outfit of the day when I get home in the dark. During those times I will shoot two outfits on the weekend.

Be aware of your surroundings

You need to keep your eyes open when driving around to find great photo ops. When I started doing this I developed a new admiration for my home city! I used to drive from point A to point B and never notice anything. Now I see every blooming tree, pretty fence, open space and the sides of buildings. There is beauty everywhere!

Once you've found a great spot, look around and see what could end up in the background of your photos. There is nothing worse than seeing a beautiful image with a car whizzing by in the background or a giant "For Sale" sign. Trust me. I've made both of those mistakes and they ruin the look and feel your going for.

To try and find new and interesting places I use the street feature on Google Maps. I'll pick a location and just start "walking" down the street until I find something that would look nice in the background of a photo.


Last summer I was wearing one of my favourite summer sweaters, this old Old Navy one with a boat on it, and I thought taking a photo near water would be perfect. Only problem is I am totally land locked here in Kitchener (which is a real change for me since I grew up on a lake). I used Google Maps and zoomed out until I found water. Then I zoomed it, it looked ok, so I grabbed my camera and we were off! This lovely little water mass is in New Dundee and is just the perfect place for photos, I've actually taken quite a few here!

Flat lays

What's a flat lay you might be asking. Well that's when you lay a group of things on the ground or a flat surface and take a photo like this

flat lay

They are Instagram gold and a favourite of bloggers and brands alike. I love taking flat lays, they make me feel like a real photographer and I like styling things and moving them around to train the eye to go where I would like it to. In the photo above I really wanted the focus to be on the lips on the Sephora lip mask. Then I wanted the eye to naturally move to the other two beauty products, the two Origins masks and then up to the orange roses (a personal fave!). The white flowers where filler in this photo and because they blended into the white background, which is just a piece of leftover white wrapping paper, they don't distract the eye but they provide much needed texture and depth. There is a real art of flat lays, but anyone can do it with a little patience! 

flat lay photo
Behind the scenes of a flat lay photo
The best thing to do it start with a plain background. I have rolls of white, pink and blue wrapping paper that I use. I also have a plain board that is covered in marble tack paper! Once I have selected the items I'd like to photograph, I pick up some flowers to match when I'm at the market. I buy fresh flowers weekly so it's pretty easy for me to just grab my vases and use them for photos! Once you have your supplies, start building and take test photos. Look at the photo with a critical eye and remove or add as needed. If you'd really like to up your flat lay game I suggest looking at flat lays on Instagram or Pinterest. Once you develop an eye for what others are doing, try it for yourself! 


I won't go too in depth with editing because that would be an entire blog post all on it's own. Actually, I have a great link for you. Blogger and Fine Art Photographer Lucy Cuneo of Charleston gave me permission to share with all of you her tips for editing photos. She published this blog post and video last week showing how she edits using Lightroom and her video has some great step by step tips on how best to edit.

In Lucy's video, she shows how she edits this photo
Personally I use Photoshop and when I'm feeling lazy I use the editing feature in iPhoto on my Mac. When I post to Instagram I use the built in editing tools but I stay away from filters. In my photos I like to increase the contrast or black point and adjust the warmth as I prefer all my photos to be on the warm side. I know, the trend is everything cool and blown out exposure (that's when the photo is all white and you can't make out background details) but I prefer bright colours and warm temperatures, which is why I was drawn to Lucy's photos! Her photos are light and airy, yet warm and romantic.

There you have it, I've now given all my secrets away! I truly believe in paying it forward and there have been many wonderful people along my journey who have taken the time to teach and guide me. It's only fair that I pass along what I have learned. If you have any other tips that you swear by, leave them in the comments below!

Thinking Of Starting A Blog? Start Here...

blogging advice and tips

If you are a blog reader and Instagram user you might just be feeling a change in the tide right now. What once was a thriving place full of glitzy homes and designer outfits is now a place where followers are growing disillusioned by the content that is being created and even bloggers are standing up to say enough (including myself when I announced in a post last week my guiding phrase for the future of this space, Attainable Inspiration). I especially love the thoughts that bloggers For The Long Hall and Blare June recently shared on their Instagram accounts talking about the overly polished, unrealistic and fake bot accounts, that are currently plaguing Instagram. Blog readership is down everywhere with the increasingly inventive ways to make money off of using just Instagram and the boredom that has erupted from all the "sameness" in the blogging industry.