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How To Style A Square Scarf For Summer

How To Style A Square Scarf For Summer

When I announced on social media that our Celebrating This Life shop is now carrying square scarves, a lovely follower asked for instructions on how to style. I thought it was a wonderful idea!

Square Scarves for Summer (available for purchase in the shop!)

Square Scarves for Summer

Looking to add a little chic to your summer outfits? Try adding a colourful square scarf!

Summer Concerts

jean jacket lilly pulitzer

Summer + live music = Pure bliss

Leland Gal Roundy Bag

Leland Gal

Can't stop, won't stop showing off my Leland Gal Roundy Bag!

The Scent of Lavender in the Ayr

white dress

Don't you just love the smell of lavender? 

Cool Girl Style

meghan markle style

What's cool girl style to you?

Colourful Leggings with Leland Gal

leland gal

What is super bright and colourful and feels incredibly comfortable while wearing them?



What's so special about a white oxford?

Lilac Lane

summer style

Just living my best life out here on Lilac Lane!

Long Weekend Reminder

preppy blogger

Three cheers to the upcoming long weekend!

Got The Blues

style blogger

It sure seems like I've got a case of the blues...

Cabana Life Terry Tunic

beach cover up

Having some (safe) fun in the sun in my SPF 50+ enhanced Terry Tunic from Cabana Life!

Cabana Life Shift Dress

cabana life

I'm so excited to share with you the first of two looks from Cabana Life, the company I introduced you to a few weeks ago, from my vacation in the Bahamas!

Early Mornings With The Dogs


The early risers in the house are not me, my husband or my kids, it's the dogs! The second the sun is up they are ready to start their day and go for a walk. Normally I try to quiet them so I can catch a few more zzzz's but on the weekend, it's the perfect excuse to go for a Starbucks run! 

Orange in Otesaga


Spending the afternoon at The Otesaga Resort Hotel in Cooperstown, NY was an absolute treat! Our road trip adventure took us near Cooperstown and since AMH and I are such BIG baseball fans, we couldn't help but make a detour to visit the Baseball Hall of Fame. But I had something else up my sleeve and it had been brewing ever since I first found out about The Otesaga over 15 years ago.

Walking in Washington Park

summer ootd

After checking into our hotel in Albany, The Morgan State House, a beautiful old brownstone right on the edge of Washington Park, we freshened up and decided to check out Washington Park. The park is 81 acres and was created in 1870 from a design that was drawn up by the same team that designed New York City's Central Park. Needless to say, I had to check this place out! 

Boat Spotting


Whenever I am in Buffalo (which if you remember this post, is kind of a lot) I try my best to make a trip to Canalside and on last week's road trip, that's exactly where we started our journey! 

Road Trip Comfort

road trip comfort

Last week I was road tripping throughout the Catskills and Hudson Valley. This is my favourite way to travel. Give me an open road and a GPS to tell me how to get to my destination and I am a happy lady. Like many of you, I've been road tripping since before I can remember. It seems to be everyone's first introduction to travel! Over the years I've learned how to stay comfortable while sitting in a car for long periods of time, today I'm spilling all of my secrets!

Hyde Park View

bow tie maxi dress

The view at Hyde Park. Let's just take a moment to appreciate how spectacular it is. Are you done? Are you imagining how it would look in the fall? Yeah, me too. I literally said that every few minutes during our time at Hyde Park, New York and all along the Hudson. While I do plan on sharing a little travel post to tell you all about our adventures at the home of FDR and Eleanor Roosevelt, let me tell you about what I wore, because, well, that's what I do here! 

Buffalove & A Little About Me


Greetings from Buffalo, New York! Today I wanted to share with you my Buffalove and a little about me. A few other bloggers have been sharing '10 facts about me' and I had this in the back of my mind for a future post. It was while I was in Buffalo (for the second time last week) wearing an all Canadian brand outfit that I thought I might be better off explaining a bit of my background and my love for this All-American city!